Talos Gate rewards question and suggestion

(1) Is it confirmed that the Shem of Technology is actually NOT available through the combining-five-Animated-Particulates method? I have 10/11 shems and the last 5 shards I right-click-combined turned into a paltry 1000 shards

(2) Given the number of distillates going around, could excess Animated Particulates be worth 1000 each instead of 1000 per stack of 5?

Have you defeated the tech talos?

This same thing happened to me. I have 10/11 shems, have defeated the tech talos multiple times, and I had 7 animated particulates saved up. I right clicked them and got 1,400 anima shards instead of the shem of technology.

Maybe a dumb question; did you have the Patchwork Horror pet or any other elemental shems beforehand from your legacy transfer? Because mine got renamed to the Shem of Technology this Event.
Again, sorry if this sounds kinda like a dumb question.

I think this is the answer. I’ve only combined 15 stones = 3 shems, but I got 4 including the technology one. I have not defeated that one yet either.

Have you actually looked in your pet management window to see if Shem if Thecnology is something you don’t own?



I checked, and I don’t own the Shem of Technology. Since you uploaded some screenshots, I will try to upload some too to show that it is unowned.

The first screenshot shows all my owned shems (near the bottom), and the second is the unowned Shem of Technology:

Yep, that’s a bug then. Better make a bug report over here: https://forums.funcom.com/c/secret-world-legends/SWL-bug-reports

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Someone in the chat mentioned you need to have defeated the Shem in order to get the pet… I don’t know the veracity of it but maaaaybe?

That is true, it even says so on the item you get, but they have stated that they have defeated it.

I see it now. My brain is mush today.

I should have probably uploaded a screenshot of my achievement for killing all the talos, including the technology one, so here it is:


Last talos I need is the tech one…so somethings up with it.

I opened a ticket and spoke to a GM.
As far as they can tell, it’s a bug and so they asked me to post in the Bug Report forum, and to urge others to report in reply to my post. Leogrim has already linked this thread over in mine in Bug Reports, that should point the Devs to the cases reported here.

For everyone’s information and convenience, here’s the link over there: Shem of Technology not unlocking


Thanks for posting in the Bug Report forum and making sure the Devs are aware of the issue. I was hoping they would see this thread since I tried to explain the issue and posted some screenshots.