Dark Agartha Legends


So, confirmed that you simply get one legend per daily visit, in order one through eleven?


Thats what it looks like


I mean, 4 days, 4 lores…

I’d wait until day 7 to say “confirmed” though cause there’s the starting platform and 5 bosses and it’s been advancing one boss each day. Might be a repeat of the 5 bosses, might start showing up somewhere else.


I couldn’t find any lore for day 8 :frowning:


I missed yesterday’s so I’m one behind now :frowning:


Second day I did not find lore in DA. I even died in last fight to be sure I did not miss the platform above.


Ah yeah that reminds me, can confirm (having missed 6) that they just show up in order, it’s not some external 11 day cycle you have to match up with. I got 6th on day 7 and 7th on day 8.


So it looks like the lores are fixed to platforms and it si all about RNG you get DA with lore platforms? If so, it sucks and even i enjoy reading legends when my AP/SP will be used I am done with DA.


Got lore 8 today, it was chilling next to boss number two. So yeah, seems like after the first seven it’s just up to daily chance whether one of the 8-11 ones will be available.


And what a descriptive lore that was


Dunno, personally I was hoping for some more lore and info, not waxing poetics over something that’s pretty much obvious to anyone completing DA.


Lore 9 today on third platform - more info (that we pretty much already knew tbh) on Jeronimo.


After reading the last entry, I sure hope the Swarm starts its recruitment drive soon.
Ungrateful Hive $"§!&!"/"!!&.


I’m kind of surprised that the Gaia bees make such a big show of witholding info that we already have anyway. The ‘big reveal’ has been plainly explained by at least two different characters before.


Please remind me which ones. I know there was a hint matching up to this in the Mitsubachi lore, but I don’t recall characters actually making a ‘big reveal’ of this.


The real mystery is how the 3rd age scientists built all this tech without anyone destroying the universe.


Lilith openly discusses it with us at the end of the Kaidan storyline and Dr. Klein also mentions it in his recordings you find in The Angry Earth.

The “reset” is not news. Maybe the “lifecycle” mentioned in the last entry is something of a greater scope, I don’t know.


That the Gaia Engines have been used to “reset” the world a couple of times in the past - each time ushering in a new Age - was already known. But Gaia (aka the Immaculate Machine) remains Gaia through each reset.

The last of the DA lore implies that what we know as Gaia is not the first Gaia - which is a different thing from the world having been reset a few times.
The mention that this is just one phase of the lifecycle refers to the previous lines describing the universe after the Dreamers have finished eating it.

This is indeed hinted at in the Mitsubachi lore when it mentions that Samuel Chandra knows what happens after the “sun-death”. Samuel is after all one of the Host - who created Gaia in the first place as far as we know.


Yes, this was what I was wondering about. Of course the whole big deal is that the Gaian Engines are too strained to allow any more ‘resets’ - which is why keeping the Dreamers trapped is imperative on a cosmic level. Even one gets out, game over.

Question is - what (and how) is there to rebuild from? Might all this have to do with how the Dreamers got canned in the first place?


Those are good questions. So far we don’t have the answers to them.

There might be some hints in the Dark Agartha lore:
First that the Dreamers don’t consume quite everything - there is still scraps left, which is what Dark Agartha is. There is also fungi there which seems to actually thrive.
Secondly that their eating tore gashes in reality through which things might come - suggesting that there are other realities.