Dark Agartha Lore 7 Missing

I ran 3 characters through dark agartha today and lore 7 isn’t there. The first char breezed through expecting it to be as obvious as the last 6; so, I thought I might have just not noticed. For the second char, I ran up and down every branch before jumping to next to make sure it wasn’t there. No lore.

My third char bought a time booster and minutely scanned every inch of every island, including canting the camera under branches and “shelf” fungus to try and find a hidden lore. No luck.

A bit after leaving, with others calling out “where’s the lore?”, someone stated finding it just before the leap to GK. Well, if that’s where it was supposed to be, it definitely was not there for any of my characters – especially the 3rd char, which checked that area in minute detail before jumping.

I suspect y’all have buried it in the branch or don’t spawn it in at all under some circumstances.

I heard it’s on the platform you land when dieing on GK. Not sure if true or not.

I had it there.

I guess I’ll die?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, deviously placed lore is to be expected. On the other hand, it would be much better if jumping off of the final platform after defeating the Gatekeeper also spawned you on the platform with the lore on it, but it doesn’t.


Will the lore be there tomorrow if we didn’t get it today? I guess the question is whether the lore is unlocked by characters sequentially or if the lore rotates on a daily basis regardless of if you got it yet or not.


Yeah, I actually tried jumping off at various locations with my third character (bought spores), but couldn’t find a location that didn’t just send you to the start of the next island – GK’s in the case of jumping after defeating him.