Agents Spreadsheet WIP

Here is Agents spreadsheet we were able to get together from various sources. It contains names, drop locations, traits and passive bonuses of each and every Agent discovered so far.

It misses few entities, so if you have information about missing agents - please leave comments (in spreadsheet) and if you have a missing dossier - please share a screenshot of it.


Those unconfirmed bonuses may be wrong. I got Margot Crowley-Mathers. X Damage on Critical Hits, +650 Attack Rating.

Thank you. But where did you get the dossier drop?

I bought it off the auction house. So I can’t confirm her drop location.

Hello everyone, I have enabled commenting on the spreadsheet so if you have any additional info please leave a comment. Include a screenshot if possible.

The main things I’m looking for right now are missing agents (name, effect, traits, drop location) and agent stats at lvl 50.

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Not sure how to comment or upload a screenshot to your google doc, but if you are still reading this page, here is Montgomery de la Roche, my newly minted level 50. His stats are as seen above.

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Looks like you still need this guy, just got him to 50 today.
He’s definitely got some decent Ingenuity and Prowess for the tier he is in :hibiscus: