Agent Missions spreadsheet


List of Agent Missions as I find them. Has mission intro text, success/fail text as I get them as well as all the mission details such as rewards and bonuses.

I’ve noticed a few little details because of this sheet. For instance, the mission “currencies” are gained depending on what’s spent on the mission. For instance, if a mission requires Assets then you will be rewarded with Intel in most cases. If you spend Intel, you get Supplies. If you spend Supplies you get Assets. This is true for almost all missions, though there are a couple of missions that break this convention. For missions with double requirements you will get the other currency as a reward. For instance, if a mission requires Supplies and Assets, you’ll gain Intel as a reward.

It also seems that Success and Outstanding Results (crit success) have the same mission results text, at least in the few instances where I have both texts.

Finally, bonuses are static to the mission. Each mission has a particular bonus requirement and reward attached to it, it’s just either on or off. There is no randomness to the bonus components.

Use this info as you will. The requirements/rewards will be useful in some way, I’m sure. I considered splitting the mission text into it’s own spreadsheet to post in The Horned God subforum, but figured it would be easier to just keep it all in one sheet.

Be aware, the spreadsheet is mostly unformatted. It’s not meant to look pretty, at least not right now. It’s just a quick place to input info.

Do with this info what you will. I’ll update as I progress. You can also post links to screenshots of mission text and the requirements/rewards and I’ll update. Be sure that the mission Tier is visible somewhere.

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Just a heads up, I will no longer be taking additions/corrections without screenshots. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me. Also, in the future please feel free to post any additions/corrections in this thread.