Agent Missions spreadsheet

List of Agent Missions as I find them. Has mission intro text, success/fail text as I get them as well as all the mission details such as rewards and bonuses.

Agent Mission text (Last updated Aug-08, 2019)
Agent Mission details (Last updated Jun-28, 2021)

I’ve noticed a few little details because of this sheet. For instance, the mission “currencies” are gained depending on what’s spent on the mission. For instance, if a mission requires Assets then you will be rewarded with Intel in most cases. If you spend Intel, you get Supplies. If you spend Supplies you get Assets. This is true for almost all missions, though there are a couple of missions that break this convention. For missions with double requirements you will get the other currency as a reward. For instance, if a mission requires Supplies and Assets, you’ll gain Intel as a reward.

It also seems that Success and Outstanding Results (crit success) have the same mission results text, at least in the few instances where I have both texts.

Finally, bonuses are static to the mission. Each mission has a particular bonus requirement and reward attached to it, it’s just either on or off. There is no randomness to the bonus components.

Use this info as you will. The requirements/rewards will be useful in some way, I’m sure. I considered splitting the mission text into it’s own spreadsheet to post in The Horned God subforum, but figured it would be easier to just keep it all in one sheet.

Be aware, the spreadsheet is mostly unformatted. It’s not meant to look pretty, at least not right now. It’s just a quick place to input info.

Do with this info what you will. I’ll update as I progress. You can also post links to screenshots of mission text and the requirements/rewards and I’ll update. Be sure that the mission Tier is visible somewhere.


Just a heads up, I will no longer be taking additions/corrections without screenshots. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me. Also, in the future please feel free to post any additions/corrections in this thread.

This post pretty much confirms for me that Outstanding Results will never have a different mission text than a normal Success. I’ve gone ahead and gotten rid of the Outstanding column. If you know of any mission where the Success and the Outstanding texts are different, feel free to let me know.

Big mission text update since we can actually get through mission chains now.

I will continue to update as long as I keep seeing new missions pop up. Should be regular updates for a few days. Still lots of empty spots on the spreadsheet that anyone can help fill in.


That is some of the missing ones. You have the successful text for Sub Lost and Found, but you need to note that Oustanding awards you an agent, indeed that should be noted for all 6 potential agent missions.


This is the Descent mission, possible agent on outstanding

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Failure message for Agricultural Interests (Tier 1)

Failure message for Blood Sucking Suckers (Tier 2)

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I’ve found some extra missions not listed in your spreadsheet. Although I haven’t made screenshots of them, hopefully it’d still help when hunting for them. I’ll post some if I come across the missions later on.

Tier 2 is missing 2 missions:

  • Filth Oil (15m)
  • Don’t Drink the Water (1h). Part 2 of the Zoo chain. Part 1 is ‘‘The Filthy Zoo’’.

Tier 4 is missing 5 missions:

  • Welcome to the Jungle (1h). Part 2 of the Orochi chain. Part 1 is ‘‘What Are They Up To?’’
  • Cleanse the Area (1h). Part 3 of the Orochi chain.
  • It Had to be Monkeys (1h). Part 4 of the Orochi chain.
  • Down on The Ranch (4h). Part 2 of the National Institute chain. Part 1 is ‘‘Something Isn’t Right’’.
  • Skin-walker Amongst Us (4h). Part 3 of the National Institute chain.

Tier 5 is missing 6 missions:

  • Race to the Past (1h). Part 2 of the Babylon chain. Part 1 is ‘‘Babylonians’’.
  • Stop Thieves! (1h). Part 3 of the Babylon chain.
  • Bear in Mind the Dangers (4h). Part 2 of the Campers chain. Part 1 is ‘‘The Missing Campers’’.
  • Get the Details (4h). Part 2 of the South Korea chain. Part 1 is ‘‘It Looks Like Us’’.
  • Bring it Offline (4h). Part 3 of the South Korea chain.
  • Antiquing (8h). Part 2 of the Philadelphia chain. Part 1 is ‘‘I’m Telling You It’s Haunted’’.

In addition, the mission ‘‘Accounts Closed’’ in Tier 2 is listed twice, while ‘‘The Pirates’ Pirate’’ in Tier 5 is listed as ‘‘The Pirate’s Problem’’.


Thanks for this nice list. A lot of these missing ones have already been added, I just haven’t uploaded the new sheet. I’m really wanting to reformat it to something nicer to look at since it was initially just created on the fly and just as something for myself.

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Just saw this mission for the first time today. Sounds like a potential start of a chain. Might be new:

“The Lost Conquistador” - Tier 3, 15min
48-480 Anima Shards
Talisman Distillate (240cc)

Edit: Got a 2nd mission.

“The Trail of the Conquistador” - Tier 3, 15 min

Edit: Added basic Rewards details for 1st mission.


There’s a new agent by the name of Jerónimo de Montejo, so it’s likely that this could be the chain to get him. There were 12 new agents added with the update (If you count Jack Boone who showed up, but wasn’t acquirable.) so it’s also quite likely that at least one more will come from a mission chain.

I really do need to get the redesign and reformatting done on the sheet…


I have been refreshing your spreadsheet every hour since the event started. I am desperate to find the “giver” in the bunch (aka an Astrid or Wekesa type agent). :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to see the new agents listed on your sheet! I look at this thing all the time, by the way. It’s the handiest.

Conquistador’s missions is for me, like a tease of “DA” :thinking:. You know what I mean :wink:

3rd Jerónimo mission:

“Chasing Jerónimo” - T3 - 1 hr
Both Distillates say 400cc - can provide extra screenshots if requested.

Edit: 4th Mission

“Night of the Transdimensional Fish People” - T3 - 1 hr
Weapon Distillate (400cc)
144-1440 Anima Shards


5th Mission:

“Courting the Conquistador” - T3 - 15min
Glyph Distillate (320cc)
Talisman Distillate (320cc)
Bonus Objective = 2 Intel

At this point you automatically gain the Achievement “A Man of Principle”, in The Conquistador section of the Agent Network Achievements. This grants you “[Agent Dossier: Jerónimo de Montejo]”.

Outstanding is not required.


Edit: I’m guessing there may be a follow-up mission for the other Achievement.


Nice Piankhi! Congrats. :stars:

Oh… you updated it Darxide :hibiscus: :gift: :ribbon::balloon::sparkles:

Looks like Fearghas is the man I’m looking for. :smile:

Thank you so much for all your exceptional data collection.

Some things I found:

  • The time the mission “The Trail of the Conquistador” remain available is the same as if it was a 1h mission, not a 15 min one. Don’t know if is the same for “The Lost Conquistador”. EDIT: I can confirm this is the same for “The Lost Conquistador”. EDIT2: Also “Chasing Jerónimo” remain available as if ti was a 4h, not a 1h mission.

  • The drop location of Jack Boon should be generally “Community Event Reward” as it was given in another community Event other than the Stonehenge one. You can see this here.

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“The Lost Conquistador” actually has a 1h refresh time which makes it the same as 4 hour blue (elite?) missions. 1h missions are 40min and 4h missions are 80min.

You are right!

Anyway I found the 6th mission:

But I forgot to write down the value of the glyphs.