Mission success message?



Hi, virgin post…Usually when I complete an Agent mission I get a “Mission Successful” message in the big green box, but occasionally I get one that says “Outstanding result”.
What, if any, difference does this make to say XP or gear rewards for my Agent?
And as my Alt is running Elite lvl 8 and so making every mission my Agent does 100% success rate do I not see the “Outstanding” message every time?
Thanks muchly and hello to you all :smiley:


There are three tiers of mission results

  • Mission Complete: The agent gets the listed XP and resources (assets/intel/supplies) as well as (I think) the bonus objective if they qualified based on their active attributes
  • Mission Successful: The agent gets a bonus (+25%?) to xp and you get the first item reward (not sure how many if more than 2) in addition to the basic rewards
  • Oustanding Success: The xp bonus increases (+50%?) and you collect all the item rewards in addition to the basic rewards

The % is supposedly how likely they are to avoid the first state and get at least one item and slight xp boost.


TYVM :call_me_hand: Question answered and I can stop fretting :grinning: