Questions about Agents and Outstanding Results chances

Since Funcom decided that the Agents window should be as obtuse as possible, I’m wondering if anybody has done any kind of testing on this.

The percentage displayed for an agent mission is the chance of success + critical success. This implies that the way the game checks for the status of a completed mission is through a single roll and not the more intuitive double roll whereby if you are successful a second roll is made to see if that success is a crit. This is fine, but not displaying the two values as separate in the agents window is really bad design.

Now onto my questions. Do all agents have the same base chance of outstanding results? Does the chance of outstanding results increase as agent level increases? Does the chance of outstanding results change based upon an agents stats? If so, does giving an agent who already displays 100% a piece of equipment (not the Uplink) increase their chance of outstanding results? Or is the Uplink plus relevant trait bonuses the only ways to increase the chance of outstanding results?


The only category of mission where I’ve logged enough to say ‘statistically significant’ is t1 single stat missions with lv.50 agents - anything else, chance of outstanding is so low that the error bars are far too massive to answer even your simplest questions. (like, I’ve gotten 1 outstanding on a t3 mission, ever)

So anyway, higher stats = higher chance of outstanding, yes. My lv.50s get like, 15% outstanding, agents who have 100% affinity but are only level 10 or w/e have about 3% outstanding on t1s.