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I’m trying to figure this out - but my brain is all wrinkled up at the moment, I’m blind, and have amnesia. :madeofstars:

First off, Bonus Items seem to come to me when I match agent strengths with mission bonus icons - then does the agent also have to have an “Outstanding” mission completion to get the bonus stuff? Or do they just have to match the icons and be successful?

Secondly, apart from those bonus items, what benefit is there if the agent gets an “Outstanding”?

Thirdly, it seems like I NEVER get the same things the mission shows at the beginning - I’ve quit looking at anything but bullets and folders… how should I be reading these mission descriptions to know what I could get, will get, and can try to get?

EDIT: One more, it looks like going way high on a mission’s chosen stat (prowness, ingenuity, or whatever) while exceeding 100% is how you get an outstanding - sound right?

“from one, you know, chosen one to chosen one - Help?”

  1. I’m not sure I follow what you’re asking, but you get bonus goodies/resources when the advertised bonuses from the mission match your agent’s strength/trait. So if you employ an agent with a ghost icon (I think this is called supernatural?) trait to a mission with a ghost icon bonus, it will bring that bonus back on successful completion if I’m not mistaken.

  2. Outstanding completion have an achievement attached to them off the top of my head.

  3. The resources you describe are indicated in the mission description, but if you haven’t been paying attention, chances are you’re SPENDING RESOURCES with mixed rates of success (and failure). At low mission/agent levels, it’s not worth it imo…just amass resources for when you want to tackle the ones that actually cost you resources. On those missions, it appears you never regain an equitable amount of resources on completion of a successful mission, because this is compensated with increased exp, an agent item, etc. to offset the net resource loss.

Maybe someone with more experience in the higher levels of the system can explain it better, but I’m going off of memory at the moment.

For bonus objectives/items, it so fars appears you get one per matching ability icon, from the top down. It seems to me that may actually independent of mission success, given I’m pretty sure I got bonus assets on a failed mission yesterday. (I hadn’t really been paying attention before, so that’s just anecdotal for now.)

It appears you’re more likely to actually get the listed potential rewards on an outstanding success; on a normal success, it appears you only ever get the leftmost one.

TSWDB has put together a comprehensive guide to the agent system, which might answer some of those questions.

I think there’s a couple ommissions. I’m fairly certain that agents get bonus xp for Successful and Outstanding missions for example. But it’s probably quite accurate (and if not, let the author know so he can fix it before we end up with people /sleeping in the park again).


Oh, that’s new! Thanks for the link!

  1. as answered. You get bonus rewards if your agent matches bonus traits

  2. / 3. for “complete” mission (AKA fail) you only get xp advertised + all resources mentioned as reward (don’t mistake these with mission requirements which are deducted from you the moment you send the agent). Your agent also suffers double fatigue for failed missions.
    For “successful” mission you get +25% xp and first of mentioned rewards (the one shown in the list)
    For outstanding result you get +50% xp and all mentioned rewards. Agent also suffers less fatigue.

  1. outstanding is (invisible) part of your chance. You don’t need to be over 100% to get outstanding results.

Elenoe - great info, thanks!

Thanks for that info.

Not doubting you, but is this from your own research or something official from FC?

“own” observation (more like collective confirmation). But this very information should be easy to confirm or dispute.

There are exceptions to what I said, like when you use special gadgets and such, but what I wrote is general idea behind what you see. More, what you should have seen if FC hadn’t messed up UI the way they, for whatever reason, did :frowning: (like not showing fatigue meter which is vital mechanic, or where the split between success/outstanding reward it, or highlighing bonus rewards when you have met conditions, or showing current support bonuses instead of wasting space we now see and many more things that normally are in the UI because they are important)

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Tested this. Sent my overworked FR off on a dual ability bonus mission (Power & Supernatural), didn’t get the bonus despite a (normal) success, so it’s probably match all or get nothing.

I was going to check, but the game stubbornly refused to show me any 2-skill missions today.

Thoroughly agree on the UI and the lack of info. I think it’s a great community project figuring things out - has been since 2012, right?

I was wondering on the Bonus and 2 traits - you can’t tell if they are each attached to a specific trait or you get both if you both traits or what.

Thanks for all the insight Elenoe, much appreciated.

From my testing, Failure isn’t always Double Fatigue. Haven’t had many test cases yet though.

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