Unobtainable agent mission bonus rewards

Just noticed, Into Dark Agartha has a bonus that requires Resilience to get. That mission can only be run by Jeronimo. Jeronimo doesn’t have Resilience. Not that the bonus is worth anything, but it’s interesting to note. I haven’t looked at any of the other Jeronimo-only missions.

There are hypothetically 6 items that give your agent a new trait so it’s possible. I’ve never seen evidence of any of the items actually dropping though.

My cabal leader has one. Don’t recall which one.

It’s also a stupid checkpoint to have to pass for an extra 300xp distillate that I’m going to dump on the ground.

I have one. They’re utter garbage, though, given that if you equip one of them, you’re not equipping anything that gives a stat boost.

Nonetheless, I’d say a Jeronimo mission requiring one of them is not a bug, just a symptom of fundamental design… oddities… of the agent system.

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Agreed, but I also consider the “Bug Report” subforum to be for suggestions as well, so I use it as such.
Especially when suggesting fixes to design flaws in the game.

Interestingly, one the 3 trait missions, it still gives a success bonus chance. I suspect the legendary variants that give stat boosts may actually be worthwhile for those missions.

The legendary versions give +100 to one of the three stats. That’s not going to make it worthwhile unless you have a higher chance of oustanding on the trait you’re adding and that’s only depending on how outstanding results works, which we don’t know.

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elite missions have a malus for every trait you don’T have. Might be worth for those.

Not terribly. The bonus you get for matching all 3 isn’t really good enough for most agents to reach 33%.

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