Jeronimo Missions

These are my personal notes on the mission series, not including the T3 acquisition set, which are documented already. I’ve completed the full set on 3 characters, lacking only spores on 2 characters. I keep seeing “what do I do?” questions about Jeronimo. This is what you do. My Jeronimo was L50 for all of these and his chances are 100% or near that with epic boost items for all the “only” missions.

Time-Mapping // Jeronimo ONLY (all)
T4: 15 The Agartha Cartographer
T4: 1H Once Again Into Agartha
T4: 1H Mapping The Past
T4: 1H Into Deep Time
T4: 1H The Future is Now // Exploratory Cartographer

Fungus // no Jeronimo (all)
T4: 15 The Fungoid Mystery
T4: 15 Spores and Beyond
T4: 15 The Horror in Fungus // Observing the Impossible + Exploratory Cartographer

Dark Agartha
T5: 1H Into Dark Agartha // Jeronimo ONLY
T5: 15 Conquistador’s Secrets // no Jeronimo, always+=map
T5: 1H The Riddle of Dark Agartha
T5: 15 The Reluctant Conquistador // no Jeronimo, outstanding+=spores
T5: 1H Again Into the Void // Jeronimo ONLY, always+=hagstone

The three items: map, spores, & hagstone are main-inventory unique clickables that do nothing at present; “you can’t use this item here”. Presumably “here” will be somewhere in Dark Agartha. I’ve only tried clicking in Agartha and Occult Defense.

They all seem to be the classic unlock-style chains; ie. the subsequent missions didn’t show up for me until doing the previous. These are in the order I encountered them on all 3 chars. The subdivisions are mine and probably arbitrary.

BTW, they seriously clog up T4 and T5 1H slots with Jeronimo junk forever. Once you get all the stuff, they block FAR more desirable missions, such as blood for blood and descent. So, unless we find that the 3x items from the mission have some incredible use in Dark Agartha, avoiding these until after getting outstanding on the 1H agent-awarding missions might be a good idea.


not only do they seem to appear quite frequently, their refresh time is rather long and they block the slots for up to two hours.

(I fear this will end up as a “pay 100*tier aurum to refresh slot” feature)

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The same things I thought about all this new missions.

I’m curious for more details on your experience with this part. I’ve been following these missions from the start, completing each block before more got released in patches. For me, I only ever got “Once Again Into Agartha”, followed by “The Future is Now”. This was from October 10th-12th.

Then I got the Fungus set (Oct 12th-15th). Then the Achievements were implemented (~Oct 17th) (Observing the Impossible + Exploratory Cartographer) which I believe only triggered for me upon repeating “The Horror in Fungus”.

So since you say this was the order you encountered them on all 3 characters, do you happen to know when exactly you ran them?

I wonder if those three missions I missed are now required for the chain to continue, and since I did them early enough I got to skip them. I need to go back and repeat a few older missions to see if I can make those three trigger since I have never seen them before.

P.S. I agree that it is annoying how these missions block out other important missions. I still need Blood for Blood and that is spawning so rarely right now.

I was doing them as they were added to the game. Some characters progressed faster than others due to the random nature of the mission offerings, but I don’t have precise dates for them. I did get both achieves from Horror on one char (they were added after “now”). The only reason I know “now” will grant “exploratory” is due to repeating to balance resource counts before “horror” was offered to that char. Others may also grant achieves, too – the above is just what happened to me.

Odd how it sounds like you got “The Agartha Cartographer”, “Mapping The Past”, and “Into Deep Time”, while multiple other people and myself never got so see them. Must have been some coincidence / bug or you just happened to be doing them a couple days after we did, and thus a change had already been made.

Whatever it was, it is weird.

The same is happening to me, I have the agent Jeronimo but never got tier4 and 5 quests other then The Agartha Cartographer

I had everything up to The Horror in Fungus completed in the same order as stated by the OP about a week and a half ago if not more. However I feel like the patches that brought in the final dark agartha missions may have reset something because I had to repeat all the missions again before seeing that chain finally start a couple days ago.

I am beginning to think it was the October 17th patch that added in those extra quests (“The Agartha Cartographer”, “Mapping The Past”, and “Into Deep Time”). Anyone getting T4 Jeronimo quests before that patch ended up getting to skip those missions. People running them afterwards like yourself and the OP got this new order.

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Ah that might be it. I wish I paid a little more attention to dates and times. I made a post on the other thread 6days ago stating I’ve been trying to get the last chain for almost a week. So that would put me around the 21st for having completed all those other quests that are in question which if I remember rightly I did all in a short period between the 17th and the 21st more then likely.

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Most of this is already discussed here, but there’s some useful info since nobody had mentioned those odd T4 missions because they weren’t showing up for those adding information.

Yea, this is a Bad Thing™ that FC either didn’t notice or didn’t care about. It would be nice if there was some kind of solution for it. Shorter mission cooldowns, I suppose. Or perhaps once the chain is complete then remove it from rotation? It could be a one-time chain. I’m ok with that being a thing.

There was a bug that caused one of the missions in the chain to not properly require earlier missions. This caused some people to “jump past” a number of missions. This is most likely the source of the confusion.

And we are fully aware of the “clutter”, and are going to be adjusting the cycle timer on Jeronimo’s missions down to standard duration. It was/is currently higher to make the missions easier to encounter.

Jeronimo’s missions are not going anywhere - they are here to stay. They tell an important story, and we want to make sure everyone will have the chance to experience it.


I wonder if perhaps in the future they could be moved to another kind of tab? An “Event” or “Story” type tab or something? If this kind of mission chain is periodically added then the clutter will be overwhelming, reduced timers or not.


Thanks to let us know this! I just want to point out that would have been better to increase the probability Jeronimo’s missions have to appear, than increase the cycle timer: in this way missions will cycle more frequently and so there would be a better turnover of them and less empty slots.

I really like this idea :slightly_smiling_face:


This is right, but experience it shouldn’t be a punishment, like it is now.
Also the items that last Jeronimo’s missions give should be mission items. Right now we have 2/3 items that occupy inventory spaces and that are useless at least for 2 weeks.


Ok now I finished all tier 3 and 4 Jeronimo missions with The Future is Now but I never got any of the tier 4 non Jeronimo ones, like The Fungus Mistery nor any tier 5 ones. It also looks like the tier 4 missions I have already done stopped showing … should I go back to tier 3 and redo all ?

You probably need to redo the final T3 mission, Mysteries of the sphere.

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After almost 3 days of pause they started showing up again and the fungus chain started too.

I only unlocked T4 a couple days ago and so far I’ve done The Agartha Cartographer and Mapping the Past. notably, no sign of Once Again Into Agartha. Guessing it goes later in sequence and was just accidentally unlocked without a prior.

EDIT: Into Deep Time showed up next.
EDIT2: Once Again Into Agartha is 4th.

Well, I have done “The Future is now” and gotten the associated achievement ages ago…
I check agent mission board very often every day … and I have never seen “The Fungoid Mystery” pop at all…

anyone experienced the same ?

Depending on when you last did The Future is Now, you could need to do it again to properly unlock the next mission.