Are all agent missions given equal opportunity to appear?

I am mostly interesten in doing the mission chains which gives us new agents. After they fixed the “reset chain when zone/logoout” the missions in the chains to get Virgil, Sarah Skelly, Ibrahim de la Fuente and Calum Maclead appeared without much fuss after each successful completion. Not all the time, but the missions came within reasonable time.

But other chains’ missions are nearly non existent.

  • Siobhan Gowan: I’ve seen (and completed) The Missing Fey maybe twice. Can’t say I’ve seen the next mission (Deep Underground) ever.
  • Carlos Peraza: I’ve seen and completed Murders in the City and Blood of the Mages maybe once each. Never seen the last one.
  • Jerónimo de Montejo: I’ve seen and completed The Lost Conquistador twice, never seen the next one.

Other people experienced this?


I have it a lot with Fuentes last mission and especially with the Carlos Mission is even rarer.
Descent I already have the agent.
The issue comes down to slots.
The chance for a specific mission in a slot is 1/avaidable mission which in slot 1/2 of tier 1 was muddied by all the virgil missions and in 3-4 my jeronimo missions.

They’re as equal as other missions of the exact same classification. So for example Sarah Skelly’s mission is a 2 stat, 4 hour t1 mission - it can appear in any of the 5 slots on the first page and since it’s 2 stats it’s about 1/4 as likely (?) as 1 stat missions.

Deep Underground’s a 15min t5 mission so it can only appear in the top 2 slots which makes it less likely to appear. Same for almost all the Jeronimo missions, they’re 15min/1hr so they only have 2 possible spots. And their cooldown’s longer so you’ll get less refreshes on those slots.

Majority of the agent rewarding missions are 2 stats which makes them both less likely to appear and much less likely to outstanding, The Island (Calum Macleod) is 1 stat so he’s far easier to get than any of the other t4-5 mission chains.

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Personally believe it’s just RNG. I get 8 hr missions in the “normally” 15min/1 hour top 2 slots often. I want to say 4 hr too, but won’t swear to that. Never see the 15 m outside the top two.

The Island Chain is really rare for me - no Calum McLeod yet. Same with The Missing Fey - no Siobhan Gowan either.

Jeronimo and Carlos Peraza were both quick, first time thru the chains on one character. No joy on the others! Sarah

Skelly appears ALOT, yet one of my characters can’t seem to get her no matter which agent is used.

Virgil still a no go, and I’ve tried him on a variety of agents.

Doing these on four characters. The “main” has the most agents (48) /max lvl 16-18/better equipment - all purple, but a couple of the others did get agent mission completion before she did (they all have 16+agents). So, I believe it’s just RNG sadly.

Today for the first time ever I got the second leg in the Dark Agartha line “Trail of the Conquistador”.

Took me a week or so to get the second part of the last line for jeronimo and I hawk eyes the lines a lot. It really can be a horrible when rng doesn’t love you.
And don’t get me started on subterran lost and found…I gave up on that agent

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I’ve only had The Descent show up three times across three characters. Twice on one alt, once on another alt. Never on my main. Yes, I’ve completed the first two missions in the chain. Multiple times. With Outstandings at one time or another. Still shows up incredibly rarely.

The answer is clearly: No. They don’t have equal opportunity to show up. Anything more than that, I don’t think anyone has kept track of that. It would be hard to get accurate data without staying logged in 24/7 with some kind of addon skimming the agent missions each time any of them refreshes. For all we know they’re time-of-day dependent. (in-game time, of course, just like those Bogeyman spawns for the Halloween lore that happen at certain times of day).

I also just finished the final Jeronimo mission yesterday. I’ve kept hounding my Agents over the month(s) the missions have been available. I keep spreadsheets and checklists. I always know which missions I have finished in a given chain and on a given character so that I always know that I’m progressing. Neither of my alts have even finished the T4 Jeronimo missions, yet. But at the same time, some people had completed all of the Jeromino missions in the first week they were available.

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For me its “Blood for Blood” that almost never appears. I have three characters and have run the mission everytime I’ve seen it which is maybe a dozen times between them. None of them have Carlos Peraza. My main is just missing that one of the mission achievable agents. Both my alts have Virgil, Sarah Skelly, Ibrahim de la Fuente, and Jeronimo.

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Four times now. It never fails that complaining about an agent mission makes it show up. Still not on my main, though.

Even when the missions show up, I never get the agent drop, lol.

I’m stuck on Blood for Blood too. It shows up maybe once or twice a month with me logging in and checking usually multiple times a day. Sometimes about hourly I check. I see all the other agent missions frequently, but this one refuses to spawn. It got a lot lower of a spawn rate after they put the T4 Jeronimo missions in.

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I finally got Ibrahim de la Fuente on a rarely-played alt. I can’t get him on my main because Subterranean Lost and Found literally hasn’t appeared in months.

Tbh, it seems quite likely that agent missions are in fact fully random because nobody paused to consider they should not be. The agent system needs fixing in the sense that it really, really should give higher priority to the “key” story missions until players have actually gotten the “key” content/rewards.

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Sorry to bump this old thread but I’m having a hell of a time trying to get Siobhan and Carlos. I have the missions but I don’t know if I need a certain Agent to complete the missions? Who did you use to get Siobhan and Carlos?

You don’t need a specific agent but having Petru do any mission you need an outstanding success (like missions that drop agents) increases the chance for success as he has +5% oustanding chance.
(Same goes for Rana…one of the agent contest agents)

I’ve sent Petru with an Uplink to run Descent countless times and it’s rare he even gets a normal success - he’s never had an outstanding on anything. I’m not convinced you aren’t better off sending a good agent :v:

Thanks for the tips Leo and Pilch. I have Petru so I’ll try using him. I know for Ibrahim I used Aurelie to get him and it took about 3 tries. I read on other posts that she was the best choice for snagging him. I made a list of all my agents that get outstanding results and have an epic Uplink but Siobhan and Carlos are the only ones I haven’t got.

Well, petru’s an improvement, but going from 0.3% to 5.3% chance of outstanding still means you need to run it 20-30 times. Outstanding t5 is unlikely.

I stopped trying though so I can’t really say.

I got Siobhan with Petru using an epic specialised weaponry.