Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here

There is a line of mission in the Agent System called Dante’s Circle. Legend has it that by completing the first one properly you can get to the next circle and so on. But the results so far are chaotic.

Post any info or screen shots of the actual mission box etc. so maybe we can figure this out.

Speculation is that the Agent Virgil may be the prize at the end of the mission chain.


Screenie of first mission box

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I’ve completed 1st circle a bunch of times on various agents and never got to the next one so my speculation is that you need to claim its bonus reward (which requires an intelligent agent, something I don’t have)

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I’ve managed to reach (and complete) the 9th Circle, and have in fact been preparing to make a post about them so I’ll have that up somewhat soon, but I can safely say:

There are more than 9 missions in this chain.

Completing Dante’s 9th Circle did not give me an achievement, nor was Virgil a Potential Reward.

Considering Virgil is Dante’s guide through Hell in the Inferno of the Divine Comedy and I went through all 9 Circles of Hell, I’m going to guess that there is another mission potentially involving Purgatory, as Virgil was Dante’s guide through Purgatory in the Purgatorio.

I was unable to reach the following mission, so I have been slowly working back up the chain.

Since I started it while just running Agent Missions blindly, I’m not entirely certain what triggered the first run, but I did not need to complete the Bonus Objective for subsequent missions in the chain (as I lacked the Agents to do so). I’m trying to figure out what I did the first time - it seems like it isn’t always proccing!

I’ve recorded everything for all of the missions I’ve run during that first run of the 9 Circles, but since I’ve run the 1st Circle so many times, I didn’t really think about it or expect it to do anything different at the time. I’m keeping track of every time I run the 1st Circle now.

All of Dante’s Circles are :diamonds:1 missions, with the first two being 15 minute missions and the rest being 1 hour missions.


Thanks much Vomher.

not yet sure if there are two different versions of the first circle mission, or if there’s a flag that turns bonus rewards on and off, but i’ve seen both a non-bonus version and a version that awards intel for sending an intelligence agent on the mission

also, since i’m a total forum newbie (go me for being a slacker), i can’t post links yet but have a screenshot of the second circle. it specifically mentions ‘perhaps someone charismatic can help’, so might need a charisma agent to get the third circle (my alt that got the second circle only had faction recruit, so no charisma…)

I’ve completed the 1st circle 3 times now, with different agents, haven’t gotten a shot at the 2nd circle yet.

I’m fairly sure that kind of “clue” in the mission descriptions are just a bit of fluff that refers to the trait required for the bonus reward. It’s not specific to the Dante mission chain.

You may need outstanding on one circle for virgil. Who knows. I mean that would be in line with guatamala, right?

Nope, got outstanding in one of the runs, didn’t show the 2nd circle.
I want to say, unfortunately, that it might be entirely RNG run.
Also, none of the agents who did 1st circle are level 50 yet.

Since it’s a similar topic, how exactly does the Guatemala one work? I got Outstanding on Fountain of Youth a few days ago but the next mission hasn’t popped up so far while I’ve had Fountain of Youth pop up again several times

You need Subterranian Lost and found to get an agent drop and you only get that mission is you had outstanding on the fountain. At least if I can trust the spreadsheet.

Yes, Hess, you are. Shame!




I’ll trust the spreadsheet on the pre-requisite, but I’m more curious about how the chain proceeds after fulfilling the pre-requisite. My original guess was that it simply tripped a flag which makes Subterranean Lost and Found possible to appear as a mission randomly indefinitely, but it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe it just gives you one shot at the next mission and if you miss/fail the next mission once, you have to get outstanding on Fountain of Youth again to trigger another chance.

I’m wondering about the same thing regarding Dante’s missions too. I’m fairly sure I’ve completed the 1st one several times, with the bonus or outstanding results. I still haven’t noticed the 2nd mission pop.

Ok now I’m curious… The font used is so bad for my old eyes that I’ve really only been barely skimming the mission texts at this point. I could have done this one over and over and not even noticed it. I really wish they would fix the font, but since this had me curious now, I guess I’ll suffer through and try reading the texts more carefully.

I don’t know why people don’t just use my spreadsheet instead. It’s ugly, but it’s readable.

right, i’ve gotten oustanding successes on both ‘dante’s first circle’ (faction recruit and liam) and ‘the fountain of youth’ (faction recruit) without getting any next step. and got just a normal success (not the 'you failed, but we’re too kind to call it that one) on first circle and gotten second to pop up, but nothing after second yet

again, with the dante’s circle missions, even on the second one, i’ve seen a version without a bonus reward and a version with one.

Because I didn’t know such a thing existed. :slight_smile: Thanks for this. My eyes thank you.

It would still be far more helpful if they fixed the font though. Keeping my fingers crossed that they slip that fix in there with the next update.

Just to muddy the waters on the Guatemala side of things, I’ve finished “Where Did That Come From?” and currently have “Rescue Mission” and “Rescue Attempts” available, but have never seen the other missions…

second circle:


Thanks Hess!