Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


This is my guess - I’ve run Fountain of Youth half a dozen times now, only gotten a shot at Subterranean Lost and Found once (and I suspect that getting Ibrahim requires an oustanding on it, since a regular success just got me a distillate.)


after encountering ‘second circle’ half a dozen times since my previous post, i finally got access to third circle. on a non-outstanding success with liam as my agent, so no need for charisma for it


I have also seen versions of Dante’s 1st Circle with and without a bonus reward. I just got an Outstanding Success with Daniel Martinez on the version of the mission without a bonus reward. So far, I still have yet to see Dante’s 2nd Circle.


If this is really “Get lucky 9 times in a row” in the sense that there is a chance of the next circle, thats going to be a major PITA to achieve.


It’s my least favourite type of content “elongation”. Layers of chance. Can’t say I’m actively progressing towards it. Simply may or may not happen eventually.

However, the real pain will reveal itself if Virgil is the end reward for an outstanding success only. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised.


well, finished third circle with a ‘normal’ success (not the ‘failure but we’re too nice to call it a failure’ result) and, then got 1st circle as the next option… how…fun…

anyway, here’s liam’s success with taco meat leads:


All those tacos we ate in TSW…


dante’s 4th circle today. didn’t think to get a success screenshot, but jayesh ran the thugs off (and i haven’t seen 5th show up…of course…)


…also, double posting because i forgot to share this image…


I’ve run 1st circle 50 or 60 times across my three characters and have never seen any of the other circles.

If I had to guess, though, I’d say that we have to complete each mission in succession (maybe with an Outstanding, maybe with the bonus, maybe with both) which will unlock the next mission. The next mission could then show up at any time after that. Maybe days later, maybe weeks. If this is the case then we probably won’t be able to correlate that very easily.


Need to find out what Hess and Vomher are doing to get the additional circle missions. I haven’t done it as many times as you (probably closer to 30 at this point, have not been keeping count but I jump on it when I see it) and no second circle here either.


if i had any clue what i was doing, i’d surely let you all know. i basically just throw any free agent at the first circle as soon as it shows up then watch my agent missions like a hawk after. same with the ‘fountain of youth’ mission for the guatemala chain

never any specific agent, since that doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest. gotten the next step on normal successes with agents who have zero to do with the ‘story’ for each mission. i… i just really hope it’s not 9 stages of ‘random chance’ and one stage of ‘get an outstanding result’ like a few think it is


I wonder if maybe we need DotM to go live before we can successfully complete the mission chain. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Had a thought I dropped in Sanctuary earlier, leaving it here for posterity:

Short version: aim to complete (or hand in?) the missions shortly before other missions cycle out.

Longer version: We have seen no instances of a circle higher than one popping up of it’s own accord, which suggests that the unlocked state is temporary not permanent. Considering this, I hypothesize that it’s a timed interval. Upon mission completion (maybe hand in, as many things trigger off it) there is a, possibly quite short, opportunity where a refreshing mission slot has the possibility to be the next tier. If all your missions refresh just before you hand in the mission, then it could be a long time until the next refresh, and the timeout may expire beforehand. If you time things so that they all refresh just after the hand in, then there’s also the possibility for more rolls against it. There does seem to be a tendency for shorter missions to fall in the higher slots, so it may be worth focusing on those ones. I also haven’t been paying enough attention to know if it’s slot locked, or even restricted to the “next” update in that slot, in which case you’d want to start with the refresh timer above the mission duration, and be really fast to catch it when it finishes.


It is a good idea. I can only hope though that then it would be timer starting on "handing in "rather than completing. Otherwise, assuming the logic hold true for the whole set of missions, it would be virtually uncompletable unless you log at the appropriate times for a couple of days…


Yes, only the top 2 slots can have 15 minute or 1 hour missions. The 2nd slot will always have either a 15 minutes or 1 hour mission, while the top slot doesn’t necessarily.


I just logged in after being offline overnight and it looks like the mission refreshes are all timed from the point of login since presumably they all immediately refreshed when I logged in.

  • 120 minutes for 8h missions
  • 80 minutes for 4h missions
  • 60 minutes for a blue 4h mission
  • 40 minutes for 1h missions
  • 20 minutes for 15min missions

So if Dante’s chain requires a free 3rd-5th slot (I assume Hess’s post is slots 2 & 3 with missions 1st & 4th), you’d have to stay on the game for 40-120 minutes depending what you have available.


actually, i’ve only ever seen dante’s missions in slots 1 and 2. but sometimes slot one can have an 8 hour, and i’ve seen 4 hours in slot two. which, of course, screw you royally if it is the timed thing like pelo suggests (which, btw, is the theory i’ve been working on for the past week. allowing up to one rollover between finishing a mission and hoping to see the next tier)

editing to add: if it is indeed this way (and it seems to be, so far), then that’s a bit bull, anyway. keeping you either online or checking back in for up to 9 hours to finish the chain…


I’ve seem missions of all lengths in slot 1. 15m, 1 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour. In fact right now, between all tiers I have a mission of every length except 1 hour in slot 1.


I think Hessonite might be onto something… I just timed Dante’s 1st Circle as tight as I reasonably could (completion 12 seconds before the slot refreshed), turned it in with about 9 seconds, and the 2nd Circle popped up.

That said, I also paid Dante a visit and bought some tacos so maybe you just need to grease his palms.

Prior to this I’ve done it as soon as I saw it so ~5min from completion to mission refreshes, and not had it pop. RNG makin’ me crazy though.