Agent: Guatemala Mission Chain

I do NOT have the order of all the missions - hopefully someone else has the correct list - but can verify that Ibrahim de la Fuente is a “potential” reward completing this chain. It’s the first time I had seen Subterranean Lost and Found, so did it on an agent with not that great chance of success (he failed and took a 10 hour nap), but at least a bit of info! This is the final mission for that series and did get the achievement if not the agent. Now to find out if you have to complete the whole chain again or just this one?:open_mouth:

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yup, same thing here. just completed this mission (without getting the agent, of course) and was surprised to get the achievement for the chain.

been sending agents on every mission that says ‘guatemala’ in it, but wasn’t even sure i’d actually started the chain proper, then suddenly completed it. if only dante’s chain were that easy…


Over the past 3 days I have done Fountain of Youth 8 or 9 times, with only regular successes, no outstanding. Subteranean Lost and Found just opened. But only a 60% chance of success with my best agent, who is already at 37% fatigue. Anyone know how much fatigue this mission assigns?

Edit - Sub has 19 min before it changes out, I am sending a different agent on a 15 min and hoping my main guy drops 3 more % fatigue so I can send him without incapacitating him.

Edit - waited until Sub was at 3 min left on counter and Agent dropped to 33% fatigue. Also bought Tactical Survey Drone (+15 to Prowess and Ingenuity) and equipped it on Agent which increased chance of success from 60% to 65%

Edit - Mission Complete, but not successful. Did not get the agent, and my agent that was at 33% to start is now incapacitated, so this mission does more than 17% fatigue. Edit the Edit - when you do not succeed you get extra fatigue, so still not sure what the base fatigue amount for this mission is.

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Personally I’ve completed, in order, Where Did That Come From?, Rescue Attempts, and Fountain of Youth, all successful. I’ve seen Rescue Mission pop up a few times but it costs too much for me to send second-rate agents after and my main ones have always been busy.

No fountain of Youth mission for 20 hours after the failure, and it appeared again exactly 20 hours after my last edit to above, so I’m guessing 20 hour internal cooldown after failure of Subterranean.

I have completed Fountain of Youth an uncertain amount of times, two of which were outstanding. Haven’t seen Subterranean Lost and Found yet. So I’m thinking either extra conditions or really low “spawn” rate. Maybe I missed one of the previous missions in the chain? I don’t even know if that matters.

Do we think that this is a chain like Dante’s or just a series of missions to do in as they pop up? Because I just sent an agent on Rescue Mission, but I’m not sure where I started the “chain”, if I did so…

I did not do either of the level 2 missions today, but after I completed Fountain 4 times Sub popped up. So my current guess is that Sub has a small chance of popping up for a success on Fountain and a larger chance to pop up if you get an outstanding success.

My Agent leveled once, so today I have a 69% chance of succeeding. Also, I didn’t notice yesterday, but the resulting agent, if you win, is Bind on Pickup, so you can’t farm and sell the agents.


Well, I succeeded on the Sub mission but was NOT awarded the agent promised. So WTF? Do you need an outstanding sucess on one or both to actually get the agent reward?

Edit - fatigue level went from 15% to 30%, so this is a 15% base fatigue mission.

If a mission has 2 rewards listed, the 2nd one is always only rewarded for outstanding, yes.

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every T3 success is 15%

How do you see the fatigue level? An addon I assume…


but I suggest not to use it. According to dev showing fatigue in UI is overwhelming TMI for the people. I’ve handled it somehow but if it causes brain damage to you don’t say you haven’t been warned.


OMG. I do hope they were joking. My poor little brain be stuffed with so much info…:face_with_head_bandage:

At least one of the devs is now admitting fatigue exists, I guess that’s progress.

Thankyou for the addon link ~ damn that makes life easier :slight_smile:

Agent system has been out nearly a month and you still don’t know how it works, huh?

That was not a promised reward. You just didn’t get it. Sad day, try again.

Looking at the agent spreadsheet today, I noticed they updated the unlock condition for Subterranean Lost and Found into “Get Outstanding Results on The Fountain of Youth with Martin Espina”. Seemed oddly specific, but the agent summary for Martin Espina says:

Known Mayan Numerologist and medicine-man, he practices a form of sorcery blending chaos magic, astrology, and herbalism. Subject is an adaptable asset. Obsessed with the rediscovery of Preclassic Mayan sites, artifacts, science, and mysticism. Subject currently solicits funding for an expedition into the Guatemalan rainforests in search for a site believed to be the origin for the Fountain of Youth.

I guess we may want to start checking every single profile for the Dante’s storyline then.


@Hessonite Do you even have Martin?

I just got Subterranean Lost and Found, and I don’t even own Martin. So that’s definitely not right.

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Ah Ha! I suspected it would be Martin you’d have to do that on. I’ll stick with my overthinking these. Now to get him high enough to succeed.

The text for him and the missions is to specific. I guess his $$$ went up!

I wonder about many of the others as well that we haven’t discovered the link.

EX. Car Jack, mentions “Hana”, which is over interest to Maxwell Chandler.

Roman and Alexsy have Phoenician issues.

I’m going with there is more to this than we may think. Did FC implement it completely or did it get shelved??? Should prove fun to find out.