Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


On the other side of the coin, I just did Dante 1st circle and some other stuff. I have 3 open tier 1 missions spots all ending in 2 minutes. 2 minutes later, I have 2 new missions and the other one wrapped back around to an hour.

Update: The hour CD slot came up first circle again.


Slight oddity today. Most of my agents took dirt naps, so I’m running with Lydia only at the moment, and of course Dante’s decides to pop up. Did first circle, started second… while it was still running a refresh spawned second circle again. Ran it too on general principle and am now staring down the refresh timer on third for a few more minutes of recovery time.


I think this really does work, in which case thanks a lot.

Waited until less than 5 secs before three tier 3 mission slots refreshed to turn in Fountain of Youth (non-outstanding success), and got Subterranean Lost and Found to show up for the first time in weeks (attempted FoY dozens of times in that time).

Gonna try this for Dante next, have still never seen 2nd Circle.


I found this looking for something else
Hope it helps



yeah, vomher was the first to get up to circle 9, and being him, he took screenshots all along the way. sadly, even he doesn’t quite know how he got all 9 in a row, since he’s been unable to get past circle 2 since then


Well I can attest that sending an Int trait agent on the version with the bonus does not give the 2nd circle.


I’ve actually gotten back up to Dante’s 5th Circle after I went through all 9 a week ago, but not I haven’t gotten past that since. It’s been devilishly hard!!!

But yes, I have taken pictures of all the Circles (and put all their information on TSWDB) and I’m still trying to get the storyline to pop back up and try to return to the 9th Circle… and beyond!

Edit: So that I don’t double post, adding here…

There seems to at least be multiple versions of Dante’s 3rd Circle, as I’ve now seen versions with and without bonus objectives for the 3rd.


I tried Onevia’s tactic of waiting to turn in Dante’s 1st circle right before my slots 1 & 2 refreshed on tier 1 and, unfortunately, did not get a pop for 2nd circle. Perhaps I was still too far off though–I think there was about 15 seconds left before the slots refreshed :confused:

EDITED TO ADD: Tried the same tactic again today–this time I think I got it down to a 5-8 second window before the refresh, still no luck. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid tactic, but thus far it hasn’t worked for me.


All missions have a bonus to them. The bonus can be on or it can be off. It’s not two versions of the same mission.


Ok. I have done Dante’s 1st Circle five times today. Twice earlier today–no luck with Onevia’s strategy, though I tried it every time–and now I just got it 3 times in a row…

For this last time I actually went to Dante and bought tacos. I waited til there was a ~20 seconds left on the refresh timer, ATE A TACO, and turned it in while I had the 10 second taco buff on. And then I ate another taco so that I still had the buff when the timer refreshed… Finally got Dante’s 2nd Circle! I actually was so focused on eating tacos that I stupidly didn’t track whether or not I got outstanding results; however I only got 1 weapon distillate so I’m gonna assume I got normal?

Could be that I ran it 3x in a row and finally got lucky, but has anyone else tried turning it in and/or having the refresh happen with the taco buff on? I’m gonna try it again with Dante’s 2nd Circle. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: Womp, womp. Slot filled with Lurking Wendigo. Still, I think I’ll keep on tryin with the taco thing.


worth a shot, post your results!


Collected Dante’s 1st while under the influence of a taco 5 seconds before the 2nd mission slot refreshed. It refreshed while under the influence of said taco. No Dante’s 2nd. I didn’t think it would do anything.


At this point I’m thinking its basically “Have the coin come up heads 9 times”


hardly. I have completed 1st circle way too many times. Having over 1.6k missions (which suggest I watch missions OFTEN) and did 1st circle everytime I could. Have seen 2nd circle like twice. 3rd circle never.

It could have been so nicely done. Like complete each chain quest with specific agent, then you get next one right after. If you fail, start from first again. But we can’t get nice things, can we? :frowning:

The way it “works” is - yet again - frustrating - that even after month I can’t get past 2nd, neither can’t get Lost&Found other then once, noone knows how it is supposed to work and even when some people might managed to get further but without any information how.

So having head 9 times in rows sounds like piece of cake really. Because that way I would have at least seen 4th circle already.


I was bemoaning that last night to a friend. The RNG of the RNG of the RNG doing these is …

On Dante’s I send agents out, but have zero expectation of seeing Dante’s 2 again (once maybe twice since agent launch).

I did start tracking today the % of outstanding missions and which agent on missions - as even the randomness of that is to random at times.


I’ve done nothing but keep the first two missions on Tier 1 on constant cooldown for the past 48 hours (with exception of sleep time) and still have never seen Dante’s 2nd. There’s more to it than just completing it (even with Oustanding, which I’ve done many times). It doesn’t include the tacos or being near Dante as I’ve parked one alt next to Dante and eat a taco when starting and collecting the mission as well as having the taco buff up while the mission cooldown expires and a new one pops up.

Rules out it just being a random roll of the dice. Even if it was just a random roll of the dice, we probably would never see anyone hit the 9th. Even if it was a 50/50 chance each time to refresh the next mission up the chain we’d still be waiting months at least before anyone got that far. It’s manipulated somehow. Just don’t know how.


a few of us have been noticing dante’s 1st and fountain both being offered at the same time. and, there’s no real proof for it, but it really feels like seeing that manages to ensure the next step for whichever of those you hand in first within the two rollovers limit.

yesterday, i had both show at once, ran both, but a different hour long mission showed up in the t3 slot (so, 40 minute timer to reroll). dante’s 1st rolled over into…dante’s 1st. then managed to do that again, then when the t3 got replaced on its rollover, had both subterranean show up on 3 and dante’s 2nd show up on 1. that seemed way too much to be a coincidence


I’m pretty sure it’s coincidence. :v:


No, it’s likely a coincidence. Our pool of available missions for these two tiers in the top two or three mission slots seems small.


1st slot can spawn 15mins, 1hr, 4hrs, 8hrs
2nd slot can spawn 15mins, 1hr
3rd, 4th, 5th can spawn 4hrs, 8hrs.

There is ‘small’ and ‘large’ version for each resource. Plus dual combination for each.