Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


This isn’t official by any means, just for my own use, so may have missed a mission in any given Tier, but Tier 1=20, Tier 2= 27, Tier 3 = 32, Tier 4 = 31, Tier 5=34.

I’ve had Dante’s 1 with Outstanding (Daniel Martinez, yesterday), the rest just Successful. Still haven’t seen Dante’s 2 recently, but do see Dante’s 1 regularly.


I’m surprised this has yet to be documented thoroughly, to be honest. I was just going by a vague impression that I see the same seeming handful of missions in Tiers 1 and 3 in the first two mission slots every day. There have been days where I’ve completed Dante’s 1st Circle and Fountain of Youth several times each. There was a day I completed Dante’s 2nd Circle twice, and, today, I completed Subterranean Lost and Found twice . . .


i’ve had 4 and 8 hour missions in 2nd slot, too. it’s super exciting to get those right after a dante or fountain mission (obviously depending on the tier)

also, a source i trust has listed what they’ve come across per tier so far. 33 tier 1s, 30 tier 2s, 44 tier 3s, 34 tier 4s, 29 tier 5s (and they’ve seen a few purple ones that i haven’t yet. been trying to make my own lists as i drown vomher in findings. same as the person who shared their info with me). their dantes only go up to circle 2, while i’ve gotten to 5 and vomher has reached the lofty heighst of circle 9


[quote=“Hessonite, post:63, topic:876”]
tier so far. 33 tier 1s, 30 tier 2s, 44 tier 3s, 34 tier 4s, 29 tier 5s (and they’ve seen a few purple ones that i haven’

Is this posted somewhere? I haven’t been checking Tier 1-3 recently but obviously missing a number of them compared to your source.

Agree DumbOx - I would have ‘assumed’ this would be documented thoroughly by now - we’re all such slackers! :rofl:


I decided to make a spreadsheet of my own to track this information. It’s a work in progress for my personal use.


I’ve been meaning to document this on my spreadsheet for some time. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

By my count, I currently have documented:

  • 19 Tier 1 - But I only have Dante’s 1st and none of the subsequent ones
  • 28 Tier 2
  • 33 Tier 3
  • 31 Tier 4
  • 33 Tier 5

And yes, I have one character of each faction all with Tier 5 unlocked. With the exception of the extra Dante’s missions, I’m 99.9% sure that I have documented all Tier 1 missions. I’m also 99.9% sure I’ve documented all Tier 2 and 3 missions. I’m reasonably sure I’ve documented all Tier 4 missions and am mostly sure that I am missing some Tier 5 missions. I’ve been monitoring for a month now. It’s not likely that I’ve missed any, especially in Tier 1-3 with the exception of these rare missions that have special triggers to appear like the Dante’s and Subterranean Lost and Found and any others like that.

If anyone has documentation of any that I am missing, as always, let me know.


Yeah, like others have said, after numerous attempts now at eating tacos while turning in Dante’s 1st and / or when a slot refreshes: nada. I’ve gotten nada. Clearly getting Dante’s 2nd was just a by-chance thing for me. Sorry for any false hopes on that front but they seem unrelated, alas.

If it’s just RNG then… ugh.


Luck based achievements! excited clapping


These days, they call that “retention”.

So far, I only saw 1st and 2nd circle pop up for me. No outstanding result on 2 yet and its pop seems quite rare.

If it’s truly random, then :fu:t2:. I had hoped it would have something to do with the nine basic agents (the 3.5 percenters), something like “nine missions, nine agents, one specific for each tier”.


Based on some highly coincidental numbers, I suspect I’m the “Source Hess trusts” (big head mode enabled). Numbers are slightly misrepresentative though. They match my file counts and some missions had duplicates (for success/fail messages) or missing mission intro text (cherrypicking screenshots for bonus requirements). Revised numbers of unique missions actually represented:

  • T1: 20 (lacking Dante 3+)
  • T2: 25
  • T3: 31
  • T4: 29
  • T5: 29 (one additional one known but not included)

A brief comparison suggests that with the exception of the Dante it’s a subset of the ones on your spreadsheet, @darxide. I am slightly tempted to throw the lot into a database and start doing some queries to see just how big the options pool for any particular slot actually is. Maybe if there’s an extended post-release downtime.


screenshot please, because that would be some special mission I’ve never seen yet in my closely 2k missions.


Here’s my spreadsheet - I’d validate anything for yourself, as there is missing pieces - but you’re more than welcome to use the info.


I spoke to Glaucon about how the mission chains work and apparently all you need is a success on mission x to unlock mission y and then mission y can appear any time your missions reroll. No need to match the bonus traits, score an outstanding or anything like that.

I have seen Dante’s 2nd come up over an hour after I completed 1st and seen 1st come up during 2nd, which would support the idea that they’re just random (and rare) after unlocking and not an actual chain that needs to be completed in sequence.


I wonder what the chance of that is, since the Agent system has been out awhile and I’ve done 1st circle dozens of times and never once seen 2nd. At least Subterranean showed its face for me finally.


I’m going to stop running first circle and fountain to test this theory.


It’s not permanent though, right? I’ve never seen Dante’s 2nd come up unless the 1st is the most recent mission I finished, and I’ve never seen the 3rd one at all, which I should have since I’ve completed the 2nd one multiple times.


Apparently it is. Hence why I’m boycotting Dante’s 1st and Fountain of Youth to see if it’s working. :v:


This can’t be true or at least not the whole truth. I’ve completed Dante’s 1st probably 50 times on one of my characters (and a couple dozen at least combined between the other two) with a few of those being Outstanding. The first time I completed it must have been the first day the Agent system was available because it’s one of the first missions I documented in my spreadsheet.

NEVER ONCE have I seen Dante’s 2nd. Never. Some people reportedly see it on a daily basis.


Just to get back into the crazy “Dance widdershins in Ealdwic Park while eating a taco” theories. Those that have seen 2nd circle and beyond, on what faction toons? Was this before or after the faction restricted mission updates?


If you’re doing the same things as everyone else in the thread but never seeing the mission, I’d say that’s more suggestive of it being just random (and you having bad luck) than there being some secret mechanism that triggers it. Time will tell I guess.