Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here


Or…it could be bugged/badly coded.

Even in games with much much much more resources, staff, and money, things like that happen. I mean, in GW2, they had bugged drops for years and the Devs kept saying “Nope, all good” until finally someone stumbled upon the actual problem.

I myself have gotten Outstanding on Dante1/Fountain 6-10 times each, and take them every time they come up. Not once have I seen Dante2/Subterranean. I admit that luck can be bad, but I cycle 15m missions for 3-10 hours day, and have since the system launched. I think that if the “chance” is so low I have never even seen each mission, that it is either bugged…or if not, severely needs an occurrence boost.

Edit: For perspective, I have completed 2,053 Agent Missions, and never seen Dante 2+ pop, nor Subterranean, and 90%+ of those missions are Tier 1 or 3, trying to get it to pop


The last time I had seen Dante’s 2nd Circle was on April 4th, and it was immediately after having completed Dante’s 1st Circle (it was also the one time I saw Dante’s 3rd Circle). I had almost avoided the mission, as well as most 15m and 1h missions in Tier One, entirely since then until the past day or so, and lo and behold, minutes after completing 1st Circle, 2nd Circle appears once again. I know it’s possible this could all be coincidence–that I only see 2nd Circle because I’m doing first and second slot missions in Tier One, which includes 1st Circle–but I can’t help shaking the feeling that there’s more determinism hidden in the chaos than we’re led to believe. I’ve never seen 2nd Circle appear on its own without having completed 1st Circle within a short time span of it.


Thanks for reaching out to the devs, but this doesn’t seem right. While I do accept there’s no special trigger condition beyond regular success, it really seems like the trigger condition is temporary rather than permanent. Maybe not immediately fleeting, yet temporary regardless.

Unfortunately this is the only way, but it’s an absence of evidence situation and not a proactive method. Getting a Subterranean or 2nd Circle pop would conclude it one way. On the other hand, not getting a pop would be inconclusive indefinitely.

I’ve given up on Dante’s chain anyway, so I’ll join you in on the wait.


While I appreciate baby’s first guide to what bugs is, why exactly do you think I said this? :v:


I’ve done 1st circle numerous times, seen 2nd circle two or three times, never been further than that.
Fountain I see two or three times per week, but never seen its follow up.

This saddens me immensely.


Glad the dev shared info with you, but they also said fatigue didn’t exist, so ? I assume they’re all overworked and may/may not know all the details of how each part of the game works. (I do appreciate all they do, don’t get me wrong!)

Dante’s I’m like everyone else. 1st drops ALOT, 2nd rarely and 3rd never.
Guatemala I’ve seen Subt 2x in a month, Fountain regularly as in multiple times a day.

I’ve been keeping an informal count since March 30th of missions completed.
748 missions (four characters - each has 6-23 agents).
47 Outstanding (I shoot for 100% affinity)
9 fails (all less than 75% affinity)
2 Fatigued out that went over the 50% fatigue counter that supposedly doesn’t exist.

So, yeah. I’m waiting for someone else to solve Dante’s, unless it truly is just RNG roulette!


Why do I get the feeling you’re misrepresenting something here? :v:

I don’t disagree that it doesn’t seem to work the way Glaucon suggests but the only way to even try and prove that is stop running Dante’s 1st/Fountain of Youth and see if the following missions show up at all. If I go from seeing Dante’s 2nd once or twice a day to not seeing it at all for a week or more, that’s a reasonably convincing argument for it not being permanently unlocked.


I’m not trying to misrepresent anything, just saying after years of TSW/SWL, things can be not always explained well.

>>I spoke to Glaucon about how the mission chains work and apparently all you need is a success on mission x to unlock mission y and then mission y can appear any time your missions reroll<<
Unlock forever once you have success? Must be unlocked once a day, a week? Are specific missions on a timer - every x hours to possibly spawn? Or is it then total RNG?

That’s my point. It could just be pure RNG luck, but I have NOT seen the next step in either chain, even with success/outstanding in 12 days. Bad RNG luck or ?


It doesn’t give any feedback suggesting otherwise, in fact there’s almost no feedback on the ongoing quest chains. The evidence we’ve acquired so far doesn’t support there being “one true path”, or any of a number of other non RNG options. Still I wish Pilchenstein luck on their experiment, if they do find that the unlock is permanent it would make things less frustrating.


Having never seen Dante2/SL&F after over 2k agent missions…I actually Really hope there is some trigger we are all missing, ala the Snowballs chance in Hel mystery.

If it is all just pure RNG after the first time you do it, then the occurrence chance must be incredibly abysmally low.


I can usually get either Dante’s 2nd Circle or Subterranean Lost and Found once per day if I do enough 15-minute missions in Tiers One and Three throughout the day (say, 4 - 8 hours). I’ve so far completed 1,089 missions.


Yeah, a lot of people have seen and done them…I have not, not even once seen Dante2+ pop, nor SL&F. Truly aggravating honestly. I do almost exclusively 15m missions, and nada.


Is that with or without completing the first steps?


The plot thickens:

This happened after I successfully completed Dante’s 2nd Circle before the top two mission slots refreshed. Dante’s 1st Circle was completed two mission refreshes prior to Dante’s 2nd Circle.


Well, just as a general FYI, apparently there is a bug with zoning and mission “unlocking” for later tiers, as posted on Discord, just a message for people who don’t haunt it. They said it should be fixed with the next actual patch (as opposed to downtime).


So you can currently progress Dante’s mission chain as long as you don’t change zones between a completion and a refresh.


Having never seen Dante’s 2nd after close to 1500 missions between three characters I will just repeat what I’ve been saying: It is not “complete Dante’s 1st and then Dante’s 2nd is unlocked and will show up eventually”. I spend the last 3 weeks doing nothing but the first 2 missions of Tier 1 with my two alts just to build up agent mission resources (intel/supply/asset) and to get to the 500 mission achievement faster. There is some other trigger involved, whether it be specific agents needed to clear the mission or some other external trigger, but simply doing Dante’s 1st and then crossing your fingers will always result in no Dante’s 2nd.

Either that, or it’s broken and not working as intended.


I’m not denying there may be a trigger. I’m merely posting my experiences after having specific missions in the chain unlocked.


Here’s a screenshot of the Discord message:



Sounds like it should be working the way Glaucon described then. That would explain why I saw Dante’s 2nd came up over an hour after completing 1st the other day - I was just stood in agartha while I was talking to him on discord. :v: