Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here

This explains precisely how I was able to reach Dante’s 9th Circle!

On the weekend I reached Dante’s 9th Circle, I was particularly busy, so I couldn’t really play the game but I did have enough time to log in and periodically check on my Agents and keep track of their missions - especially after I saw the 2nd Circle and was excited to keep going through the circles of Hell!

My character never left London during that time. I had a special AFK point in Ealdwic Station, in fact!

When I did need to log off, I did so only after putting an Agent on a Circle mission, so that the missions would be in progress while I was offline. I did know even back then that the mission completion wouldn’t calculate until I logged back in and I was also worried about losing progress if I logged off before having picked up the next Circle, so that part was 100% intentional on my part.

That meant the chain was never truly interrupted, even if I had no idea that rezoning would break it since I was too busy to actually play the game and leave the zone for any reason. I think at most I had time for some RP, which didn’t require leaving the zone at all.

This also explains why I haven’t been able to get back to Dante’s 9th Circle since. We thought it was far more complicated than it was due to a tricky bug!

Would also explain my hypothesis of a limited length of time after handing in the previous mission. Just hadn’t twigged that the time limit was variable and influenced by player behaviour. Am slightly glad to know it was a bug though and not just highly questionable design.

I’m just amused that for all the wild theories people tried with tacos and the like, standing still wasn’t suggested. :v:

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So logging out or changing zones resets your mission chain progress.


Or is logging in/out not part of this? There have been days at a time where I didn’t have time to play so I never left Agartha. Still have never seen Dante’s 2nd, but in that time I logged in/out between different characters doing agent missions.

Yes, logging in/out counts for leaving the zone.

I confirmed this, you also can’t allow all your slots to refill before accepting the rewards. Missed it by about a min and didn’t get the 5th quest.

… so what are we looking at ~3hr of not changing zones (incl instancing) or logging out. Endurance test.

I think you can let the slots refill… but then you have to wait for another refresh before you get a chance at the next tier, and it might take several refreshes to turn up… all while avoiding anything that would change your zone or cause you to drop connection. At least you’re probably safe to do stuff for the seven and a half hours the agents are actually running the missions.

Vohmer above said that he was able to “save” his mission chain progress by logging off while an Agent is on a Dante’s Circle mission. I’m waiting until the bug is fixed before I try again. The last time I reached Dante’s 3rd Circle took about seven hours standing in Agartha. It’s not worth the bother.

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Yea, I’m getting mixed messages about whether that works or not. I’m with you on waiting until it’s fixed, though. This is ridiculous as it is.

1-4 chained one after the other in the same 1<> slot at 15min each with 5min after mission refresh, only stopped when I didn’t get it turned in in time, ran another 15 in same slot and the next refresh wasn’t a Dante mission.

Yeah, 15min mission + 5min refresh x9+ missions. 3 hours of effectively doing nothing to complete.

You can log off/change zones while the missions are running/waiting to be turned in and you don’t have to turn them in before the missions refresh. I just logged in to a completed Dante’s 2nd, waited until I’d left Agartha to turn it in and then had to wait 2 refreshes to see 3rd pop up.

It very much looks like the next tier is permanently unlocked when you collect the previous tier’s rewards and the bug locks them again when you zone or log out.

This “bug” might be the result of a design error. We had a similar issue with incapacitation timers resetting upon changing zones or relogging, but that one was easily noticed and got patched. If we notice more persistence related issues with the agent system in the future, it might be the same issue.

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Thanks for this. I was about to spend some time in Agartha doing Dante missions, but now I’ll just wait for the bugfix.

I’d wondered if the whole Agent mini-game was unfinished (the mission chains, fatigue, etc. - not adding new missions/agents), buggy or we hadn’t figured out the triggers. Looks like a potential for all three.

It would be great to figure Dante’s out, but not with the mess it seems to be right now.

Not to side track this thread - anyone solve how to get Carlos Peraza? It’s been suggested the “Mexico City” missions, but I hate to open that can of worms if it’s working like Dante’s!

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I’m sure Carlos’ mission chain has exactly the same bug as Dante’s. I think this is also the reason no one has found Sarah Skelly.

I’m convinced that the special mission “I Don’t Want to Believe” eventually leads to Skelly, but it’s impossible to avoid logging out or changing zones before the special mission resets.

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So many bugs with the agent system … starting with the nude guys bug on the first day.

Hadn’t even thought of that! Great catch!!! But yeah, I think some of the chains didn’t get finished or are buggy (assuming Dawn of the… took precedence).

That’s a solid guess. I just got that as this week’s mission. I’ll hold on to it for the week in case “the next patch” that fixes the issue happens this week.

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I think you win this year’s Agartha Idling Award

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