Dante's Circle Agent missions... post any info you have here

Dedication much appreciated. It does look like an Outstanding reward. Should be okay once the progress reset bug is fixed.

Yes, that is the success, reward is nothing for all the work if you don’t get outstanding.

But you do get the 5 achievement points…

Similarly, I got an achievement but no agent reward for finishing the Guatemala storyline successfully but not outstandingly so.

Yeah for at least solving the mystery!!! Gratz on that! Bummer you didn’t get Outstanding, but you’re still far ahead of most of us having got to the final step.

I got Guatemala achievement too w/o Outstanding.

The whole agent thing seems a bit buggy or incomplete.

and still no fix …

Unfortunately the fix wasn’t this week but I got “I Don’t Want To Believe” again for the special mission, so that’s another week of holding on.

I got as far as Dante’s 3rd, while running around Carpathian - afraid to log and afraid to zone! When #4 never showed up, I gave up and feel waiting until it’s patched is best.

any ETA on a fix for this? …

Next week is my approximate estimate.


cool thanks for the update, would love to see dante 2nd

Okay, this is interesting. I logged in immediately after the patch and the first mission I see is Dante’s 2nd.

So the bug wasn’t that the progress wasn’t saved? It was saved but simply not retrieved? Or do we have another bug in our hands?

I loaded in to Dante’s 8. I’m okay with this. I guess the real question is, has anyone seen a mission further in the chain than they have been to?

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I loaded in to 6, and I have completed the chain, but did not get outstanding, so no Virgil yet.

In other news, Ricky’s pagan race has a part two, that is new to me.

spreadsheet of ‘known’ agent mission chains at the time:

someone else recently said sarah skelly was found, a potential reward from a tier 1 mission chain (starts with agricultural interests)

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Can confirm Skelly is a tier 1 mission reward, the chain is a bit of guesswork.
Reasonably certain it’s Agricultural Interests, Seed Patents, Greenhouse of Horrors (which can drop Skelly).

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Another potential chain I’m looking at (none of my agents can complete it as it’s a 2-stat mission requiring 240 which seems high for t4) is the tier 4 missions “Something from the Snow” and “The Land of Ice and Snow”

Dante’s chain works a lot better now: :smile:


Slightly tangential topic, but I didn’t think it needed a whole thread:

How do you guys feel about getting these missions on repeat once you already have the Agent? I only ask because since the fix, they do have a Major occurrence boost - Don’t get me wrong, that is amazing, but once you get them, it can take up a slot which could be used for other missions.

Mainly, I am having “Greenhouse of Horrors” pop every other mission cooldown. I know that only 3 missions can be taken at a time, so it isn’t exactly a “wasted” slot, but just mainly from a mechanical standpoint, does it make sense for them to keep appearing? [Edit: Greenhouse is the Sarah Skelly Mission]

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Not sure… the agent does have the possibility of dropping as a purple/shiny rarity, which is a whole different debatable design choice. I suppose if I look at is as a fixed 1K shards in the outstanding slot they’re no worse than the other mission rewards.

Hmm, I hadn’t considered the 1k shard sell price, nice point. Actually, that is likely the Best reward from a level 1 mission, assuming you get it.