South Africa Mission Agent Award Bug(s)?

So, today from a South Africa mission i was awarded agent Daniel Martinez. A week ago, also from a South African mission, I got xxxx. Both of those are common mission agents.

On the Agent Spreadsheet here:

Che Hansson and Mehmet Muzzaffer are both listed as not available as drops, but from SA Agent packs only. From personal experience, I have never seen either of those on the AH OR offered in trade chat, so I suspect this is true.

Is it a mistake that some agents are not available as drops? Is this a bug that I can get “common” mission agents in SA or was the place of Che and Mehmet on the drop list accidentally filled in with these other two? If so, can I petition to have them replaced with the “proper” drops for this zone?

Edit - changed name of common agent drop I got last week to xxxx while I sort through my lists trying to find exactly which one it was again.

I don’t know about Che and Mehmet but we do have at least one agent that doesn’t drop. Oleg from the Collectors edition.
It could be that they are planned for the next zone. But hard to tell.