[Summary] The Streaming Ones April 6th, 2018 (Devstream)

Today the stream was hosted by Andy, Spynosaurus, Tilty and Nirvelle (Lead Designer). They played through the first mission of Season 2 and showed some of the new area. I’m not going to cover the content because you can play it yourself, re-watch the stream on Twitch and I do not want to spoil the experience for those that have not played it yet.

So this sis a very short summary.

Last Weeks in Review

  • The first part of season 2 is released (Announcement) and comes with a new Cache
  • Today a hotfix was deployed for some minor issues, Patchnotes
  • Shortly after the Agent Network release, they did a small quality of life patch
  • South Africa brings 10 new Agents
  • There is a Collectors Edition for Dawn of the Morninglight available
  • It comes with a pet, some clothing and an exclusive Agent


  • CE Agent is Chessboxer. Chessboxing: 2 in a ring, they play chess, then they box, then they get back to chess ect. Wikipedia
  • The name of the compound is New Dawn, not new Jerusalem. The later is only a phrase Che uses, a joke.
  • They have more dialog recordings than usual in the world to discover / overhear
  • There are so many Easter-eggs hidden in the new content, they are not sure they remember all