The streaming ones February 6th, 2019 - Summary

Today a dual stream AoC and SWL was hosted by Nicole & Andy. They mostly played Stonehenge group and showed off the new items.

You can re-watch the SWL part of the stream on Twitch


Stonehenge Group

  • Stonehenge scenario group mode has been released
  • Play the scenario with 2-5 people, scales with number of players
  • It comes with new achievements & rewards
  • Number of completions, max waves etc are tracked on the leaderboards

Thanks for the recap <3

Thanks for the recap, the best each time :heart:

Thanks for the summary @Rovena :legend:

Very cool to see the Chronicle making a partial return - very interested to know if this will be made searchable / with a cabal filter :smiley:


Yes! I’d be totally keen to see filters added too for some little inhouse or inter cabal competition :slight_smile: