No announcement about stream?

So I checked Twitch for SWL streams and recorded videos and noticed that you, our community managers, did a stream five days ago (March 3). Where was this announced? I can’t seem to find it here on the forum unless I’m blind. I know you don’t stream SWL regularly but could you please announce it here when you are planning to do it? It would appreciate a lot!

Funcom as a whole are doing more streams on a regular time schedule now, they aren’t nessecarily about SWL though.

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Like I said, I know they aren’t streaming SWL regularly. And that’s why I find it so odd it wasn’t announced here before. :slight_smile: It’s great that Funcom are more active on Twitch and all but a little heads up when it’s time for SWL wouldn’t hurt.

I’m unsure of the day of the week, but once a week they stream a bit from two of their games, rotating between them. I think Andy usually mention on twitter which. Once a week they also stream Spynosaur + Guest from the office, painting and talking about the guest =)

They stream every Wednesday :slight_smile:

Thanks @SinOfTheWolfs and @AWOL for the information and link! So if I’m correct I will need to check it every Wednesday to see if it going to be SWL or not, unless Andy announce it on twitter? Well, that’s a good motivation for pick up twitter again! I would love to see Scrivnomancer as a guest again, talking about the lore and characters.

The announcement I got from Twitch on April 3rd only mentioned Anarchy Online, which is why I didn’t watch the stream. I only learned a day later that they also streamed SWL. I would certainly appreciate not having to guess when SWL is being streamed.


I noticed I wrote March instead of April, time flies! Hehe

Sorry, I’m still trying to get used to occasionally doing 2 streams in 1 day since I have to alternate all three games at some level on Wednesdays. Everyone wants their game streamed and I need to do a better job of scheduling and announcing them.


Thanks for the reply @AndyB! I understand, can’t be easy to manage streams for three games. I look forward to the next time SWL is in the spotlight!


No problem Andy, you work so hard currently. And remember, do not overwork yourself :wink: