No news from devs

Is there any news about game development , its future ? . New game lead said there will be updates and more communication with community , but for last month it complete silence .

So what the hell is going on ?

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Recent news:
Andy went on a mortal combat with [email protected] to fix the server login issue for steam users.
He even sacrificed his ankle for that.

Tron just back from a vacation from Africa with his brother. They pet lots of wide animals out there.

There was a post about a blade user cut a car in Kingsmouth maybe some WIP feature or just something for fun.

They provided funds to a few PVP events organized by players.

Chirst. T definitely didn’t destroy a tower even he was the first person shows up in Funcom’s office that morning.(Or…did he?)

They added a new feature for HE1 boss that require tanks to constantly taunt whenever he casts flame lesh. However, it’s too cruel for new players. Thus, they removed it later.

Snipers in scnarios no longer one-shot you. They added an indicator to tell if you are going to be shot or not…Things like that…

So…basically that’s all what we know…
(Did I miss anything?)

Knowing details of Devs private life is cool and all, 
          but  i was hoping for SWL development news and updates .

Did Tron pet any narrow animals?


Oh, is that gone? I just taunt reflexively now, hadn’t bothered testing if it matters.


As most of those animals are elephants, there seems no narrow animals so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re most likely working on Anniversary event things upcoming for June/July or so.

The last thing they pushed out was that bug fix patch that Nirvelle had told us would be first to be done before anything else.

If you’re looking for a reason why Twitch streams have been radio silent, it’s because Conan Exiles launched last month and required most air / dev time with Nicole & Andy (community managers) heading up to Norway to help out with that. They just recently returned, so I imagine things will come in time. :slight_smile:


And don’t forget “sides-missions” in the New Dawn zone to complete her before the next zone. If i understood correctly :wink:

Developers, we demand news! Cmon

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From Discord the other day, there was a smidgen:


Is good to know it’s sounds like they will be using the original release date and not the steam date for the anniversary.

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I had lunch with @AndyB and I got a t-shirt :3 :


Dude… Andy ate lunch? Way to bury the lede…

JK, cool shirt!

If Funcom devs have time to fiddle with the bosses, the first thing on the agenda should be making MT doable for less than god-mode players. I.e. seting the MT timer back to the original five minutes except in e5-e9. Cutting it as close as three minutes feels way too much as cash baiting.

God heard you!

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It was intended as a bug fix for other bosses (they were very difficult to kill wih certain weapons like chaos who can’t avoid doing impairs) no idea why it made the Seismocratist behave badly too.