Starting to get bad here in the forums now. Seems you post complaints but Dev Team are no longer answering them. Starting to think they are getting ready to abandon the game for the new one they are working on. If that is the case I know I won’t be purchasing it and will Definitely be spreading the word.

Please respect that this is a holiday period in many countries…including Norway where the Conan Exiles team is based.

However, I have seen since Funcom started the Christmas break that their latest edition to the community management team has been checking and replying to forum posts.

Just prior to going on the Christmas period break the developers released a test live version with a number of changes they hope will improve the game for us for the PC community to test over the holidays if they wish to participate. They are also trying to gather information from players who are having a variety of issues so they can reproduce the problems and then find ways to fix them.

The latest Conan game that is being developed is being developed by a completely separate company and Funcom will publish it … so the part of the company which will deal with that is not those that work on the Conan Exiles code…but will be marketing and communications at release.


I appreciate your reply but the Dev team has been lacking in response to forums for awhile now. I of course understand that it is the holidays but I also that there are those that are still around. We as players need feed back. One of the reasons the game loses players is due to lack of feedback on their complaints. The servers are getting bad and sorry but this has been happening for weeks now. Players need to know that their concerns are being addressed. Even if it is a simple " we are aware of the concern and it is being looked into ". Sorry but I don’t sugar coat crap.

Whereas I’ve seen the the latest member of the community management team - Ignasis - replying to many posts on a regular basis …including when I thought he’d be on holidays … and it is part of the community managements teams job to reply to posts and whilst doing so they are collating information to feed to the development team
Many times the replies are:
“thank you for this report, I’ve passed it onto the development team”;
“can you give us some more information re: x, are you solo or server, official or private, mods/no-mods”;
“have you tried x”;
many many posts of “I’m sorry, this must be frustrating for you, I’ve passed it onto the development team, is there any more information you can provide”;
“i’ve merged this post with this other one about the same issue”
“thank you for the report, this is an issue we are aware of and is being worked on by the development team”

and variations of the above.

I really wish that the posts on this forum could be easily marked by the Funcom community management team to indicate that they have been read even when they do NOT make a specific reply … this would help reassure the community that they are not being ignored.

…so for me when Ignasis or Tascha or Nicole (community managment team members) reply it is in lieu of Jens (development) replying as they are part of a team that reports to him & the other sections of the development team … and gives their feedback to the community in return. And the development team does communicate to us on regular basis through a regular newsletter and streams which summarise and project what they are working on … which is driven in part by what we feedback to them on the forums. The Trello board is also part of this feedback and develops by what we post on the forums and on the Trello board itself.

I do criticize Funcom over decisions they make about this game, but lack of communication is not one I’ve seen them making. Before they hired Ignasis (good choice by the way) I was constant amazed how much time their PR manager Tascha spend responding to forum posts…and at the variety of posts she’d spend her time replying to (and a little concerned about the length of her workday). I’ve found the moderators respond quickly to flags …and we’d often not see it as they stay discretely in the background… and Nicole, another community manager, pops up with replies quite unexpectedly.


Jens is still CM not Dev :wink:

Thanks for the correction quietly lurking moderator


if looking on the Funcom Job Page then find something like that :slight_smile:

@Kwalya, my hat is off to you for your leveled-headed and knowledgeable reply.

Unfortunately, rarely does this logic and understanding get through to this type of individual.

Given the circumstances I understand both the OP’s frustration and the slight reduction in feedback. It still does not explain the OP’s lack of civility and manners, pointing to a “me, me, me” basis.

I am comfortable with the current communication.

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Well it is nice to see a moderator respond and thank you. But there have been a few bug and server issue posts that have not been addressed. Thus why I had put this post here to see if anyone was still watching. As for Jim1’s comment “Unfortunately, rarely does this logic and understanding get through to this type of individual.”

This individual gets responses. I don’t just post and wait for weeks for a reply. I am one of the top players on the server and I get questioned from a lot of players on the server. I have worked hard to keep the server well populated and an enjoyable server for all to play on. When there are repetitive issue’s ongoing for weeks and I have posted in the forums with no reply for those weeks. This individual presses harder to get the answers. Sometimes being a Kiss ■■■ doesn’t get you the reply’s you need to satisfy a well populated server.

Of course I know the Dev team communicates upcoming patches and spend a lot of time going through a lot of chat rooms. Anyone with half a brain can see that. It was not a harsh or disrespectful request asking for a simple acknowledgement to the concerns that have been posted in regards to the server.

But nice to see this was the forum that got all the attention lmao

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Just fyi, wording it like this would actually mean they’d have to get to everything, which is noone is able to do in a lifetime. (Unless they aren’t human for now…)

Could you point to said posts while we’re at it?

(Dedicated servers, btw, should still be able to have server issues resolved with their host during the holidays, unless the host has taken some time off.)
Otherwise, if you think you’re missing a highway, Useful links - Official Conan Exiles Wiki covers all of them.

I am still getting use to managing the forums and how to copy things and stuff but I will give this a shot.

Post one. Server Crashes

Can’t hit or be hit

Purge bar not working

Hopefully this will help


1516 went down once again for a couple hours. Now people on it can’t use weapons or tools again and we are unable to attack or be attacked. Hopefully I can get some feedback to take back to the players on the server soon

Official server maintenance is only possible once holidays are over. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dunno how come - Could you possibly provide footage, screenshots or anything else useful on the thread? (Ik you’re a new user) Did this not happen to everyone directly after the latest patch? Are NPCs frozen or not?

It is already tracked on the issue board linked on the wiki page I gave earlier, but thanks for reporting it. Just fyi, make sure the thread is as detailed as possible.
(See also The Purge - Official Conan Exiles Wiki )

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Thanks for the reply greatly appreciated. As far as the Can’t hit or be hit bug I will see if I can record a video next time I am on as I don’t feel a screenshot would provide enough detail as to what is occuring. Yes it seemed to be after the latest patch from what I can tell so far. The NPC’s are still moving and will follow you but do not attack you and you can not hit them either. I suicided and seemed to fix it temporarily but went back to doing again within a couple minutes.

Considering that they are on holiday in the Oslo office where CE is produced, I would not expect an answer until latter in the week when they start to return to the office.


I am a new player of 2 days, I can verify that NPCs will not attack, you cannot damage them, you can pick up sticks and little rocks but cannot harvest from boulders/trees/etc. It sounds like, from perusing the boards, this is often a symptom of the server being too populated and/or an upcoming server crash. Everyone in-game was well aware of the problem and telling everyone the server is borked.

I hope the team in Oslo is having a good holiday! (No sarcasm!) I guess I just picked the wrong time to buy and start playing this game. As most games are played over holidays, I wonder if they should hire a menial worker who can at least restart servers when they reach a bugged state? Just a thought. I used to work in IT, and we always had some low level workers in the server room to kick machines when they needed it.

Hey there,

First of all, please keep the conversation and feedback civil. With that being said, I would like to address some troubling statements thrown at this post:

  1. We do not check the forums, usually, during weekend days.
  2. Most of our team is on vacation, so there’s less interaction with our community during these days.
  3. Server maintenance and reports are usually handled by our hosting partner, GPortal. You can notify server failures and outages using this form, which is also available in-game:
  4. We are aware of the issue preventing damage being dealt to entities and resource nodes on PVE-C servers and we are actively gathering information about it.

With the first two points in mind, I would also like to share what I personally do. I always sweep the forums on working days reading every last thread that is available (particularly regarding feedback and bugs), and answer posts that I deem require answering. I do also like to not interfere in discussions between other users. You’ll mostly know I went through a report when I post an answer acknowledging the feedback has been collected, or I send a “heart”.

That being said, we welcome all (constructive) feedback and we understand that any issues during gameplay can cause a great deal of frustration. For that, we apologize and we are committed to make Conan Exiles the best it can ever be.

Thank you everybody, and Godt Nyttår! (Happy New Year)


Thank you for you taking the time to reply and do hope you had a great holiday. Also looking forward to another great year here in Conan Exiles. Just a suggestion that maybe it is not a good idea for Funcom to put out a patch on the official servers just before holidays. Seems this has created a lot of compromising issues now on a few patches done before holidays. I do understand that everyone needs to enjoy the holidays but this is now the second time this has happened. Again just a suggestion to launch any major updates just after the holidays to allow the support team to be available for issues created from major patches. I know that when a support team is available that most new issues are usually fixed within a short time. HAPPY NEW YEAR all.


Hey, I saw you posting other places and now here, looking like you are responding to things in a somewhat official capacity on behalf of Funcom. I thought it was odd, then clicked on your name and saw that you DO have some titles and such.

Any chance you would be interested in getting that status listed with your name, like how Cattibria does? I think it would help newer users (me) realize you aren’t just your average user?

Thanks for helping make this game better!

We released the latest patch on our Testlive branch, which is for playtesting and gathering feedback purposes only. We released the last hotfix on our main, live build of the game on Dec. 21st that addressed some performance issues that appeared in our latest big patch just before the Holidays.
Once we iron out the issues reported by our community, we will be rolling out the changes introduced in Testlive to the live build, on PC and consoles. No ETA on that yet, though, but expect around two to three weeks.