Do devs ever reply to dm?

Just sent couple questions to couple devs. Do they ever reply to dm and pm? Waiting patiently…tho I also get the vibe I wont be getting no replies…I know its crunch time or what not but Im guessing devs dont give replies here…?

Not really. Depending on the nature of your DM there’s generally a proper process for anything you’d need to message them about, and it’d be sent to the correct person

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So assuming they also dont reply when I submit a ticket for inquiries (*proper way), then it seems no matter how or what you do, for me I just will not get any feedback huh…I wish funcom is more transparent with their customers…and have some sort of direct communication going on with the community. Conan Exiled started off as an early access and all of the community sort of grew with the game…having said that, I think the end users and community as a whole deserves some sort of direct way of communication with the devs and the funcom members. They owe it to the customers and all of the community. After all it is us who made the game possible and to flourish.

Divison of labor.

Developers develop.
Customer service serves customers.

If the developers (the actual design/tech guys and gals) read or even responded to player messages, they wouldn’t have time for developiing, eh?

The community/customer service team, however, does seem to scan the forums and give issues to the developers. Several ideads and complaints presented on the forums, youtube and probably other media was addressed, some quite quick, some months or years later.

So, if you have a legitimate proposal or question, post it here.

If it’s not another “nerf weapon X” or “by base got destroyed” or any other “I play PvP, but never want to loose” issue, it might gain traction and get implemented. Several were.

Just to make sure: “I lost in a pvp fight and want the other guy’s weapons nerfed.” is not, in my humble opinion, a good proposal.


Pretty much this and it is probably again the same topic about offline mode which they created a couple of times in the past days in different forms. Unfortunately for them, even if they consider something of high importance for their playstyle, this doesn’t always align with dev’s priorities.

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I don’t even respond to DM’s 90% of the time. I don’t expect the devs here to either.


Game developers answer every request.

Usually, the answer is “no”.

(More realistically, the answer is probably "I don’t make the decisions here, and I’m not even allowed to comment due to a draconian NDA.)


well said!

Also, let me assure everyone that you wouldn’t like it as much as you think if the developers were free to answer you truthfully :wink:

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Tseric was a legend.

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Eh, its pretty fair for developers to laugh at players suggestions.

I mean, we laugh at legacy bugs, pitiful communications and their horrible ideas too.

Tit for tat.

Really? This gets flagged?

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TIL about Tseric. That was interesting. Depressing, but interesting.

Tseric… that was a long time ago. I had completely forgotten about that. In a way, the internet was more fun back then. The forum wars! The trolling! The stupidity!

Today… oh, never mind, we still have that, just grown to old to care for that anymore. :wink:

Oh, to be young and banned again. Waldgeist, are you still lingering around somewhere?

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