Does Funcom support ever respond in-world or by email?

I’ve had 2 issues in the past few weeks and NO response, let alone help from Funcom. The first is clearly a widespread problem with buying Funcom points and a stuff-up between Funcom’s old and new account website pages. I have found my own temporary solution by deleting my payment option every single time I want to buy Funcom points. It seems Funcom is in no hurry to get back to me to make it smoother for them to take my money!

The second issue concerns a mistaken purchase of a T4 weapon from Insurrection in Paikang. I realized my mistake as soon as I made it but there was no “undo” button. I immediately petitioned for the transaction to be reversed and am STILL waiting many days after that petition.

Does Funcom actually respond, and if so, how long does it take? It’s not a reason to leave the game but it doesn’t exactly encourage loyalty and support for Funcom when there are delays and lack of responsiveness to committed - and paying - players.

Only if you’re currently a premium member. If you aren’t they will not assist you. They actually made a post sometime last year stating that if you are not subscribed you will not get technical or in-game support.
I will say that if you really want to get their attention you can tag them on Twitter

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Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I’m a premium member.

I had a petition recently which was solved in game. It did take a little while but it got solved acceptably.

Hi Khajra,

Sorry to hear about your problems. Generally, I wouldn’t expect a reply over weekends and Monday was a holiday in USA, Labor Day. Hopefully, your issues will be addressed soon.

Response times seem random at best.; 3-days to ? (deleted them after 3 months)

The Support Topic is full of unresolved payment and game issues.

Here are three example situations that demonstrate the changes:

Account Page Services and Complications - We will continue to offer full service for all players for these issues.

In Game Issues that Block Mission or Experience Progress - We will continue to offer full service for all players for these issues.

Deletion, Crafting or Currency-based Purchase Mistakes - We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion. Items necessary for the completion of missions and quests are not included in this change of policy.

Raid Loot Reassignments and Expired Mail Recovery – We are no longer able to assist players with these requests.

  • Please note that these changes are not comprehensive. These are examples of policies to provide insight into the changes.

We’re excited about the opportunities to serve our community. We’re going to continue to refine and update our policies so that we can best help the people that continue to support us.