Communication on the state of support

Can we get any communication on the state of support?

There are multiple threads open with people waiting for anything between a month (in my case) to two months in other cases with the game NOT BEING PLAYABLE. Not slight discomfort, not missing items, not stuck on one character, literally the game not being accessible for paid costumers.

The latest communication we have on the subject is from the 16th of June. That’s from 3 months ago.

Can we get at least an update?

I’m sure we would all really like to hear something at least here on forums even if our tickets go unanswered.

And DO NOT CLOSE THIS or add it to any other thread. This is not specifically about my issues, but that collectively there’s no communication or support from the company.

What is happening? If you took our money, at least have the decency to talk to us!

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Please direct support requests to - you may link to a support thread in place of reiterating the problem.

The link does absolutely nothing. The fundamental problem is that there is no communication with Funcom.

At this point writing Funcom is about as useful as throwing message bottles into the Pacific and hoping it will somehow get to answered by a very specific set of people you want to talk to.


You don’t see an email form at the bottom of the page?


Source: The Noob Comic - 38

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This post isn’t regarding e-mails directly to Customer Support, but a request that the forum community receive an update as to the “STATE OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT” (as in the title) due to the lengthy response times. The poster is asking for an update to the June forum posting regarding Customer Service response times. Even though I’ve been fortunate to not have encountered a problem with my accounts, it’s a concern I share.


Ah. If that’s the case no news is same news. Having a hurricane evacuation didn’t help either.

That is something they could update us on. This forum is moderated, which means there is someone somewhere in a Funcom office in the US or in Norway who is doing this.

At bare minimum they could you know tell us “Look, our offices were evacuated!” or something.

The issue is that at this point it seems that the game is no longer supported in any sense, so they’ll take your money, but if there is a problem Funcom’s solution to it is silence until you just give up.


There was no hurricane in Norway, so that is no excuse, besides, hurricanes last for a short time, not months. They really have to fix this. Customer support should be job number one

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I believe NC handles all customer support requests, the hurricane just adds to the backlog they’re working through. It is rough that you’re waiting so long though. Good luck!

This problem dates back to essentially before the launch of the RK2019 server. There are countless threads here with people mentioning wait times of up to a month dating back to last year November. Last I checked North Carolina has not been a disaster area for 10 months, and if it was I’d consider moving offices.

This has nothing to do with Dorian or anything weather related.

This is a tiny Costumer Support department that is handling all complaints across every Funcom game. So whenever there is a problem related to something like billing, which can possibly be somewhat time consuming if sorting it requires interaction between departments and possibly whichever bank handles Funcom’s accounts, they end up triaging the complaints.

Titles which are the primary source of revenue and are the current public face of the company get more attention, while titles on the backburner like AO get put on the “on hold” list.

The fix to this is either literally getting more staff or temporary outsourcing until the backlog is cleared. There are ways to deal with this, this is not such a special snowflake problem that it has never happened to any company ever.

The reason why they are not doing anything and there is no communication on the issue is because THEY.JUST.DON’T.CARE. This is not people in the CS department, not the people handling these cases, this is upper management deciding not give a fudge, because your money is peanuts and they are perfectly comfortable ripping you off. Which says a lot about the company itself and what you can expect from them in the future across whatever game they make.

My hope was that maybe they do give a damn and there is some plan in motion to sort this issue, but the fact that they are as mum as they are simply confirms my suspicion, there is no fix coming to the problem, and this is the new reality for AO.

Anytime you are making a payment of any sort it’s the toss of coin, if there’s a problem because their billing system is trash, you cannot expect any fix within anything resembling a sensible timeline. If at all, which remains to be seen.

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I agree that we need this. The account system just ate my money when buying points. I also have been having an increasing number of support issues the last few days and email support has done nothing. They need to bring back live chat support or allow the CM and discord team to work on tickets. I may have to charge back soon if this doesn’t get fixed.