Hello Funcom Devs and Community Managers, how are you doing?

Hello @Funcom Devs and Community Managers, how are you doing?

Since I have been so busy playing the game and streaming and IRL since the release, I haven’t really been able to follow up on Newsletters and Dev Streams (when will be next one?).
I just wanted to stop by and ask how you are doing, how you feel about the release and todays state of the game. Have you recovered from the stressful pre-release phase or did you go non-stop into bug fixing post release? Are the same Devs still working on the project or was the team thinned out or even reinforced?
Do you have any time frame for when current work projects (probably mostly bug fixing and server infrastructure I assume) will be done and when there will be a decision if/when the next level development (for example taking suggestions for improvements/additions to the game from the community can be recieved) could be reached?

I’m really happy with the game right now (apart from a few bugs that you are already trying to fix, I’m sure) and everyone on my server is really enjoying life in Hyboria. So I want to say “Thank you!” to everyone on the Conan Exiles Team! :smiley::+1:t3:

I hope you also have some sun in Norway, Germany feels like the desert region these days and hopefully you don’t have Ward Tower weather up there.

Have a nice day and keep it up mates! :slight_smile:

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