Good Luck to the Funcom Crew!

I really hope the best for all of you that are working so diligently trying to pinpoint all of the bugs we have been constantly reporting. With 2 weeks till the Day 1 patch (official launch) there is still a lot of bugs on the Live servers that need a good squashing, and we hope you can have most exterminated before time runs out. A smooth launch will help the game to grow immensely, while a buggy one could leave a lot of sour reviews (people are so finicky anymore).

While I find this title totally worth the price of admission even with the bugs, not everyone expresses that same lax attitude, and like to troll/rage. Thank You [Funcom Conan Exiles Team] for developing such an enjoyable, unique (and sometimes frustrating) game!


Hey All
I will be glad to see The purge work correctly on Gameserver Servers.
Only reason I came back is for the Purge.
Also why are the dev not posting something that they hear or problems.
LIke You I will see how it plays when it come out May 8th.

They do hear them. I posted an issue with my SP game base disappearing and they asked for my db file. If you use the Dev Tracker above the threads, it will show their posts.