Well, just logged in

…Just logged in after 2 days and 4 bases of my 7 are gone,

worked since 8 may on those, solo, every day, and ran all bases every day with my hammer in hand to prevent decay from getting me by mistake, as i worked my butt of for it.

It did get me thom when i did not log in that server for two days.
They where @ 144 because i checked all builds every day.

Months of grinding. all the love for the bases and the detail you put in it.
Just stood there watching the floating thralls and a table.

Im used to these dissapointements from FC by now, but its still a very, very hard pill to swallow.

Final release ey, after i sat through the FC escapades during EA i would have hoped to be able to trust FC in saying the game was Final.

sorry but im really sad and dissapointed losing all my stuff to decayhunters when i did all to prevent the buggy game to get it from me.


Are you sure it was decay that did it? What does your event log say?

(I have 3000+ hours.)

Event log did say nothing was old entrys from a purge days before.

Lol battlemetrics says i have last played 21-07


I think the decay system is still buggy. The best one can do is log in every day to reset timers… Even then, I’ve seen reports of people losing stuff to decay on server restart.

FC only made the game ‘Live’ because the money guys demanded they do so. Very poor way to manage a game.


Yes, but sometimes pleasing your investors trumps such things because not doing so leads to the company losing investors, running out of money, and having to shut down. So would you prefer a release with bugs they are trying to fix, or Funcom to go belly up and not seeing another conan game until backrupcy leads to tge selli g of intellectual property rights and another company starting from scratch?

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I would very much a game with bugs they are trying to fix. Sadly, they are not trying to fix the bugs! They are messing around with silly nonsense, as the bug list grows longer.

But we’re getting pets (that no one asked for) and now new off hand fight mechanics! ><

I am patient. Anyone else here patient? Game has came along way since EA.

So inthe recent interview when the lead said that pets was pretty much one person yet team good for some other name was devoted to bug fixing, that meant nothing?

The truth is, they are working on bug fixes. It’s not an easy task. You have to recreate rhe bug, fibd the root cause, test it, fix it, test the fix and hope it doesn’t induce more bugs. If it was an easy thing, it would already be done.

As for pets, if Funcom was not listening to us, they would not have added server settings to disable feeding requirements. That was the original proposal, we complained, it changed. So they are listening.

So my plan is patience too. From the recent statements and testlive builds, they are listening. So I’m content to wait and see.

Critter’s got the right of it.

Recreating bugs is tough. Especially when those ‘reporting’ bugs say “This bug, it bad, fix now!” with no other information. They need steps, they need machine specs, they need every bit of information you can give.

For example, in this thread. “I logged in and base was gone.” No offense to the OP since this is tough to reproduce. But bugs like that are rare. Rare enough I’ve never seen them. If -I- haven’t been able to reproduce it, how can Funcom do it?

If Funcom releases a patch, and -I- don’t have bugs personally. Its likely -THEY- did NOT see bugs either. That’s why they released the patch. But that doesn’t mean the patch is bug free. This is why it is important for you all who DO have these bugs to report what you did, what you had, what machine you have. And any other minor detail you can think of.

I remember a bug in my own project I fixed a few months ago. It as an algorithm that shouldn’t have been there. But it would only trigger an event about 0.2% of the time under my testing conditions. That’s what the percentage chance was when I plugged in the algorithm.

Want to know how I found the bug? It triggered the effect twice in a row and got my attention. If it only triggered once, I wouldn’t have noticed or wrote the effect off as a glitch. But it did it twice. So I knew exactly where to look.

Do you all realize the odds of that happening? If that didn’t happen, the project would probably release a year from now with that bugged algorithm in it. That’s major luck right there. Not every dev is that lucky.

Because here’s the issue. Its infinitesimal a small chance to catch something like that by one dev or even a dozen. But 2000 people out of a million WILL see it.

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After a run to all bases… its a mess it seems.
The one base decayed as another beside it is oke.

Long story short, for me the decay timers are crooked sometimes.
Conclusion is that i cannot build defenitive bases yet.

I spent all evening relocating thralls, had to bring m to jungle from seper…
That was a lot of work darn.

You cant put thralls in inventory anymore… so must put them on follow and a maproom beside them and a bedroll to die and get back.

Die - get thrall on follow - use maproom, bring thrall to other base from obi.

Other base has elevator… so - unfollow, and pick thrall up and go with elevator.
(if you let 'm follow they die on elevator we all know)
23 times…

CE makes a player work for it :slight_smile:

So after all that was done i went to another server where i play the game too.

! and got purged the moment i got in with my sandstone fishery in seper oases.
Bulld that fishery with a path to base…a purge would use that path, as is said everywhere… so i would knew where a purge would attack. Fortified that side! hah let 'm come.

but noo… they spawned on my…roof… cooked some orbs while they crumbled the roof, and the gas worked 100%
Then a russian player walked up to ask (demand?)- or have rumble with the neighbours or relocate so they can expand.

I was so tired that i gave up and will relocate, im not in the mood for that aggro stance on a pve-c server.

And im sure that when i will login later there will be suprises lol

In the end i will be the sole survivor, they will decay, i will crumble but rebuild.

EA = +100 survival ;]

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