It's now a TRUST Issue!

Like so many others posting here, I just logged in to official servers and found our clan lost 170+ followers (thralls, pets & mounts). Strangely, this does not surprise me!

I have played this game since day #1 of Early Access and it is by far my favorite game to play, or was! I play on officials only because there is the least chance of logging in and finding the server gone or having to deal with admins that have Crom Complexes and act like dictators.

After the Nemedian bug that cost players time and unreplaceable items FC said they learned and would get better, now this! For one, who puts in a computer change on an American holiday weekend with no patch notes ahead of time? Second, did they not QC the changes made before going live?? The obvious answer is NO!

Give me a reason to stay FC!

Give me a reason to keep buying items from the in game store (which I do) that are also bugged at times!!


It’s obvious this team is incompetent.

Things like this wouldn’t happen if they were paying attention.

Clearly, they aren’t. I think Conan Exiles is considered Priority 3, with the upcoming Dune game being Priority 1 and 2.

Well, guess what… if they can’t bother to not screw up their current game, why would I try their new one?

Spoiler Alert : I won’t be.


I’m waiting for them to try a rollback and accidently lose/corrupt the databases and force a wipe. Because it seems only that threat will get across people’s minds that it is not worth it to play on those servers.

Those servers have been an absolute joke since 2017 and you have to be a special kind of crazy to endure years of shenanigans. It is not possible to run hundreds of rented servers as a single entity without a fiasco every couple of weeks or months.

no conan exile is the test base for Dune so its importent, and also what reputation this will cause the future for may years. So if this will be handeld bad no one will even think on geting Dune


if they want to keep the confidence of the players after this debacle, there is only one solution: back has an old backup of the servers.

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Yep I’m with you on this I do NOT trust this company/team anymore.

how is is possible for a company to constantly disappoint time and time again?.

It’s a worry when every patch and time I log off I wonder what I will come back into… after the last disaster bug with the Nemedian foundations screwed me over big now this? truly this is a bleeding sore that can only be patched with a band aid for so long

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You know what? That would be a better outcome than giving us a few exta xp and harvesting rates as compensation.

1, they would have tried to solve the problem in the right way.
2, failing that, server performance would likely improve slightly and everyone would get a clean slate.

If you lose your leveled and geared thralls, you lose what took you the most time getting. Building is easy. If the attempt to rollback ends in a wipe, so be it. If it happens, give everyone 10x harvesting rates and xp for a couple of weeks.

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That’s why I decided to never play on third-party servers… only my own computer server, only a single player game!

Says you.

I loved the last bit of compensation they doled out. Took me all of 20 minutes to go from 1 to 60 on the Battlepass.

Same and gladly so. The BP is a drag. But I was talking about in game progress, not BP xp multipliers. :smile:

And that was good only for thos that have the pass

Maybe “I hope that asking for the correct solution makes Funcom screw up even worse, so you will all finally recognize that I was right about official servers all along” might not be a very valuable contribution to make to this conversation?


There’s free items to be had on there. Some are even quite good.

While I’m not saying Taemien’s wishful thinking is a good thing… but maybe it’s time to reconsider that “mantra” people have been feeding themselves all this time…

The above is just an excuse, repeated over and over again… official servers get shut down and merged :man_shrugging: People lost bases, thralls… and so on… Not to mention that you have active decay and at any point in time you could log in to find that your base has been admin wiped and you have a ban. They’re not in any way more secure than private servers, they never were…

Not to mention that they have such poor performance that even when you’re not losing things you can barely enjoy the gameplay.

Sure, picking the private server that’s right for you is more difficult than picking an official one, since they’re ran by different people in different manners and the servers themselves vastly differ from one-another… so you have a possibility to pick a worse one than officials… but you also have the possibility to pick a much better one.

In any case the situation obviously sucks… and hopefully Funcom will figure out a good solution.

One final note though… NOBODY needs 170+ thralls, anybody who has that much should have been wiped a long time ago as even storing them with the minimum placement distance requires you to occupy way more space than you should on an official…
Especially since quite often players abuse the clan system to artificially inflate their max thrall limit by having inactive friend from other servers create characters and join their “single player clan”, which should be a bannable offense in itself.

Yes more decorativ stuff in abandon bace. it dont bring back the people.

The cap on a 10 person clan is 200 followers, we were well under the official guidelines with 170. If all of the DLCs are ok to use then having followers is OK too. As for private servers? I have played on quite a few and none are to my liking.

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So recognizable :smile:


A lot of game developer studios don’t have professional IT mindsets like traditional software shops have. Not rolling back from backups when something breaks in production is a huge red flag.
“It’s not that important” is not what customers who spend years of their time on servers want to hear.
Yet for some reason online games just aren’t taken as seriously as any other software product/services and then developers wonder why they don’t have funding.

All server changes should be scripted/automated in a practice QA environment that is identical to production. Any manual by hand changes in production should be rejected and devops tasked with developing an API/function/method to automate any manual task.
A server cluster that has downtime everyday should be easy to push changes consistently.

I’m also not making any personal criticisms of devs at funcom but CE is a great title and I don’t want to see it die because of avoidable missteps. Hopefully Funcom improves their internal processes soon