HUGE decay bug happening right now

Last night on server 1517 bases with time left on their bases were showing as decayed for other players. Players popped the doors and looted all the stuff. Hackusations were being thrown out first but then everyone collectively figured out the timers were broken. I saw two giant bases showing as decayed on the doors, but right next to the base would be another of their structures with a timer of 239 hours. So pay attention because your bases are not safe at the moment.

I think funcom must being working on DUNE, and left conan to the interns.

I will say this again, I have said it before. As someone who understands coding, you CAN NOT give people unlimited building with no restrictions and unlimited material storage without running into an eventual catastrophic failure in your game. But what do I know.

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This has been clear since the absolute insanity that is Age of War. The thrall and weapon rebalance is just astoundingly ignorant and incompetent. It’s what someone who has never programmed, never had a rational thought in their life, never played Conan would do when assigned the task of “make fights different for level 10 players”.


dune? u mean the product that noone cares about due to how bad FC’s ability to deal with bugs and cheaters is?

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I guess the devs dont care that I could wipe everyones base on the server. And yes Dune is not a very interesting IP and they should have focused more on Conan. I dont really play this anymore.

You should check the Dune discord. They rabid and may be a couple years before the game comes out; due to the movie delay.

Dune is about 10-100 times bigger IP than Conan.

That doesn’t mean Funcom manages to make a good game that sells, though.

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I was gonna say LRH literally founded a religion to avoid taxes, so agreed.

But same boat. Lots of doubt for the game.

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