Buildings disapeared after new update!

Hello everyone.
I have given up reporting problems to funcom because they havent given a thing so far! Many people on the forums report about the problems but all you get is some wierd response from the fanboys that makes you more mad! mentioning mad yes when you put hours and days and weeks making a building to enjoy and wooho there a new update to fix problems and bom your bases are gone! and the worst is they dont even come here to say something. do they realize that thats our money in their pocket thats us who paid for the game. The customers service here is -100%. you get frustrated losing 3 big bases and people you enjoy the game with loses their bases and they lose the interest of the game. cant they fix the problems first before adding more a new DLC. i like to say that i like the idea you can name pets. so i will tame a turtle and call it FUNCOM.
btw i live in Norway if funcom is not sure what the issues are i can come to your office with my computer and show you.
i have lost 3 bases when the new uppdate came. like logout for uppdate and log back in and gone.

Cheers people.

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue.
Does your event log have any info? Which buildings disappeared? Was it building pieces? Whole buildings? In which area and what kind of server are you playing on?

hei Tascha. thanks for the respond.

i am playing on #1013
PVE server

  1. lost base a base close to Oasis of Nekhet.
  2. lost base near Murielas hope
  3. Los base near The Breach

and yes full buildings and not only pieces. only the thralls left. lots of hard work gone.
no the log didnt say anything.

Have you been gone for a while? Or did you play without a break and the buildings were just gone suddenly? Could it have been decay?

with all respect but after 1036 hours of conan gameplay i should know the decay timer and i said what happened on the first post. i was online everything was there did logout for the uppdate and back and gone

I did not mean to imply that you don’t. I just wanted to make sure we have all possible options covered and confirmation on the decay possibility :slight_smile:

I’ll take this back and see if we can check from our side what could have happened.

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While your at it, 1 of my building just vanished for 50%. it was fine the 4 days before the patch and rightly after it said in the log no more stability and have the building just vanished. the pillars it was on just vanished and the rest crumbled due to stability…

on an official server with no mods?

correct but he states he is on an official server :slight_smile:

And now my camel did disappear inside my base! and all thralls shows as bags in inventory.

thrall icons is a know issue

thats not a problem but buildings and items disappear out of now where is a big issue

Every patch people lose their buildings. It’s amazing why at least someone is still playing this game.
Right now - Servers: 7671 Players: 6703. On average, less than 1 player per server. Great progress, Funcom! To what limits should it fall online so that you finally take the time to fix bugs instead of releasing cosmetic dlс? The bug with the disappearance of buildings after each patch is present from June, that is, more than 4 months.

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you are right. the bugs have to be fixed. only with the dlc or the people who do the main work on the dlc this has nothing to do with. a 3d artist is not the person who fixes the bugs on the server. this is like expecting the butcher to fix the car…

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No it is more like asking the company who has build your car to fix the wheels first and the body afterwards, even if the one who repairs the body is not the one who is fixing the wheels…

that was a lame respond because those are two different stories when you buy a car and there is issues with it there is warranty for an amount of time. and thats a car not a game! and why does it bother you? my days and weeks of time been wasted. and i have bought a game that should work properly not this! So if you go buy something and you bring it home and it doesnt work as it should you dont care? you try to be smart but your not for coming here and makin fun of someone who have lost 3 bases and alot of materials. and everyone knows how many bugs are in this game that been there for a long time and havent been fixed even they have said their fixed!

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Yes, I understand that DLC is made by completely different people. The problem is that the release of DLC is a new patch, and the bug appears during the patch. Thus, it is necessary to stop the patches and fix the bug in the first place, because the players continue to lose the results of their game and hundreds of hours of play.


well in most cases this was cause of a mod, and then it might not be funcom’s issue, but if you arent on a modded server than its another thing though :wink:

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