Calendar Twitch

A new twitch is expected soon for the first infos about dawn of the Morninglight ?

On the old forum of TSW, there was a subject “calendar” for twitch, could we have one here too? (Maybe he already exists and I have not seen it?)

Thank you!

It’s usually every two weeks, so one later on today. But they don’t seem to commit to it to it far in advance (more than a few hours); I think in case they can’t make it because lunch overran, there was a RAM emergency or someone swapped out the news they were going to show with a video of cats? That is pure speculation of course, I’m sure Andy will show up in a bit with the next 6 months worth of streams timetabled to the second.

No stream today. because of the press day. :slight_smile:

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Thx Taco !

is there a particular topic of Funcom reserved for this type of announcement that I could put in favorites?

Not that I am aware of, but usually it is just every 2 weeks, and they announce stuff on Discord and Twitter. :slight_smile: