Is there a Stream today?

Is there a Twitch stream today or is it on Friday? Anyone know?

There was one for Mutant: Road to Eden. I THINK there is a Conan stream Friday. I could be wrong though.


We’re still planning on doing a stream on Friday :slight_smile: Tuesday was Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

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Eric I feel that FunCom is making a mistake by taking resources away form Conan and putting them into other games… Conan is what saved FunCom and the Conan community knows that. I seen on a steam that there are no more DLC and content coming for Conan Exiles… I’m am Not happy with the duration FunCom is tacking and not going to buy any of the FunCom content except Conan Exiles content.

I think you may have misunderstood a little. There is still a team at Funcom working on Conan Exiles and they will continue for the foreseeable future. We’re not done with the game and we’re not going to leave it in its current state :slight_smile:

There’s also more content coming, as we’re making at least 3 more dungeons, a bow revamp, and some additional goodies we can’t talk about just yet.


And some 2x2 doorways I hope :wink:

Oh 3 dungeons sweet and give the cimerians more love

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Erik when you get time Watch my videos. and tell me if there bad ideas are not…

I was just getting to that :wink:

the thrall one is the best! part 4 for content idea easy twick

See Upcoming features on the official wiki.
Suggest cool cimmerian ideas in the Suggestions forums :slight_smile:

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