New story content


Hi everyone, new here, just wondering if anyone knows of any plans for new story content, and if so when it might be coming out. Thanks!


There is a devstream today, they will talk about the new content there. You can check it at 1PM EST on twitch or wait a bit and ask again :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly not.

“We’ll celebrate fan art and Beyond the Veil’s agent artwork contest, go over a few upcoming QoL updates for the Agent Network, and maybe even toss grenades at each other in the Seoul Fight Club. This won’t be a major infodump stream, but there’ll still be a little something for everyone.”

No content info… again…


I’m a sad camper right now… :sob:


Oh honey… :joy::rofl::joy:


But you were so cute to try ! So sweet.


You could always join the topic Places we will not be where we try to find out where the next map will be :slight_smile:


It looks like next week, will be a good time to get new info.


Yes. They literally said in the community stream (and it was announced long beforehand that it was a community stream, those usually don’t have meaty content discussions) that they would be talking about something next week.