New story content

Hi everyone, new here, just wondering if anyone knows of any plans for new story content, and if so when it might be coming out. Thanks!

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There is a devstream today, they will talk about the new content there. You can check it at 1PM EST on twitch or wait a bit and ask again :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly not.

“We’ll celebrate fan art and Beyond the Veil’s agent artwork contest, go over a few upcoming QoL updates for the Agent Network, and maybe even toss grenades at each other in the Seoul Fight Club. This won’t be a major infodump stream, but there’ll still be a little something for everyone.”

No content info… again…

I’m a sad camper right now… :sob:

Oh honey… :joy::rofl::joy:

But you were so cute to try ! So sweet.

You could always join the topic Places we will not be where we try to find out where the next map will be :slight_smile:

It looks like next week, will be a good time to get new info.

Yes. They literally said in the community stream (and it was announced long beforehand that it was a community stream, those usually don’t have meaty content discussions) that they would be talking about something next week.