Chris Meredith's Interview with Beyond the Veil podcast - May 3rd

Hello Secret Worlders,

Beyond the Veil podcast will be interviewing Chris Meredith aka Nirvelle, Lead Designer of Secret World Legends on next week’s podcast. Nirvelle has recently taken over helming the game from Romain Amiel aka Tilty.


WHEN: Thursday, 3 May 2018 starting at 7pm EDT
WHERE: Holosuite Media’s Twitch channel

If you have any questions for Nirvelle, please post them in this thread and we will do our best to ask them for you.



PiiiiiiiiViiiiiiiiiiPiiiiiiiiiii…! gnaws on legs

Yeah, that and old content. We all wanna know.

In terms of real questions that stand a chance on getting an honest answer…

  1. Nirvelle mentioned a revamped content update schedule. What is it? Are they going to focus on frequent episodic content for the SA zone while new stuff churns in the back, or will updates be held for a larger content bulk? What kind of timeline here for either?
  1. Weapon balancing and auxiliaries - hell, ask about sustain tanking while you’re on the subject. Combat rebalances are needed, and I’d very much like to know if it’s being seriously approached by the Funcom team, or if they’re not looking at the elephant at the room right now.

  2. Who’s working on the game? I keep hearing so-and-so is allocated here, or there - Conan dong sliders take work, I know - but I’ve got no idea how big SWL’s team really is. This is a very community centric and intimate game - I’d like to know all the devs.

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What were the main things you took/learned from your “What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?” thread on the forum? How did it influence the priorities for the game? And what plans do you have for the future of SWL anyway?


As the new Lead on Secret World Legends what’s your vision for the future of the game?

What should we realistically expect as players of SWL going forward?

What’s one thing YOU want to add to SWL?


What’s your favourite weapon? What’s your least favourite weapon?

Oh, that’s easy.

Favorite = AR/Hammer
Hated = everything else.

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Those might’ve been Tilty’s favourites, though! Maybe Fists or Blade will get some love finally? Seems unlikely, but it’s fun to imagine.

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What is the most important challenge for SWL in the future ?

What does Funcom see as priorities for SWL going forward? Necessary conditions, challenges, goals etc.

What’s your AR/hammer build? At least for scenarios?

I’d like to see different species introduced aside from human. For Instance, no reason we couldn’t be Sasquatch’s… the very least, a reptilian. Maybe, they could be costumes. I’d be nice, after taking damage, your skin would tear to reveal your true Lizard form.

In light of the fact that a really low percentage of players get involved with end-game, do you plan to push group content onto the back-burner or try to encourage more players to get involved?

common remark: I´m mainly just curious to get to know “the new guy” :wink:

My questions:

I would also like to know how the future of PVP will look like (aka: What Merihem wrote ^^).
Will we get our old Battlegrounds back?
Wich one is more likely, Fusang, El Dorado or Stonehenge?
Do you even still have a “PVP-Guy” in your Dev-Team we can annoy? ^^


Sasquatch spy is best spy…

When are we getting a new roadmap, and how long is the timeline going to be on it? Six months, one year, two years?

Keep those questions going.

Since peeps said not to ask in Otterdown and that playerquestions come in BTV:
Why do we get new currencies like Hexcoins and Dawn Favor after we reduced the currency number from TSW to SWL?

There isn’t an exclusive for questions on one platform over the other. Let the information free.

(updated) I just listened to the first part of Otterdown’s stream and heard about the player questions bit. thumbsup

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Also, less than a day to get questions in, y’all.
We’ll try to keep some open for twitch questions while monitoring chat but may not be a guarantee as always.

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Oh, oh! Would it be possible to add a checkbox in the visual settings to manually turn bloom on or off, instead of having it tied to a lot of other visual things in the sliders?

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What is actually, the status of the 64bits client ?

Not to mention the manufactury that requires a lot of work, will have in the near future, the last 3 elites dungeons and 2 missing raids ?