Otterdown's Back! Interviewing Nirvelle 2nd May, 6pm GMT

Here’s the time in your time zone!


Coincidentally the day right before Beyond the Veil interviews him, as Anti’s had advertised and scheduled for a couple days now… that’s not so nice. :sweat_smile:

o: More interviews are okay! Means more time to torture-- I mean hang out with Nirvelle.


I assure you we had our interview requested first. I’m sorry if the timing seems strange to you for BTV’s sake, but I’m sure they understand. Sometimes announcements come out in apparently random order. It’s not like Funcom tells us all the interviews they have requested when we ask for one or we all get together and plan with each other. It’s not a conspiracy (despite the game we cover)!

When I saw Antida’s announcement come out before ours, I switched the time on ours so we would cover the Euro time zone instead of the US one. So, the interview will just be with me and not our entire Stream team (who mostly work during that time). We really do try not to step on anyone’s feet when we can bend a bit. There’s enough interest in Secret World Legends for all the streamers/podcasters to cover it!



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I understand confusion… oh well, hopefully it’s a sign Nirvelle is much more engaged with media–ish things than Tilty?

I’m not sure what you mean. Tilty regularly got interviewed by the community and media, too.

Also, @Jennet does you being back mean we’ll finally get to see the winners of your 2016 screenshot contest? :wink:

Really? I saw… maybe two or three TSW articles ever. That’s always been one of the things I hoped would change about this game - make it not-so-secret sometimes.

I can sure try to dig them up off what’s left of that hard drive and see if I can find some equivalent prizes in SWL!

Good stream Ottermom <3

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Yes. Was wonderful and filled with leets.

Thanks for the stream :).

In belated response to @Nirvelle’s question about creepy monsters, and because they didn’t get mentioned: Orochi Drones. The polished external appearance does a great job of making them seem innocuous until certain revelations occur. At which point they’re suddenly very creepy, and a few little things that didn’t make sense or might have been bugs suddenly click.

Runner up award to Jack

Maybe that’s because he did more with French media, including that September 2016 interview with JeuxOnline saying they were working on season 2 in a context that implied it would be for TSW, and German media (including one with buffed in 2015 where the so-called press claimed player reaction to AEGIS was mostly positive :roll_eyes:)?

In English, I mostly recall stuff on Massively(OP).

Adding link to VOD in patcher.