Romain Amiel's Interview with Beyond the Veil podcast - April 5th

Hello Secret Worlders,

Beyond the Veil podcast will be interviewing Romain Amiel aka Tilty, Game Director of Secret World Legends on next week’s podcast. Next expansion comes out on April 4th and Romain will be on the live podcast the very next day.

WHEN: Thursday, 5 April 2018 starting at 7pm EDT
WHERE: Holosuite Media’s Twitch channel

We will be chatting to Romain about South Africa expansion and a bunch of other things as well. We also know that our community will likely have some questions they would like to ask. Please join us in Twitch chat to ask questions and hear answers. If you already know your question/s for Romain, feel free to post them in this thread. We will do our best to get you the answers :wink:


Will Tilty finally grab the lore?

With season 2 at the point of the interview already released how are the plans from now on especially in terms of content that isn’T new stories, systems or the fixing of those?
Many voices in the community outlets have been vocal about minor and deeper rooted issues in things like dungeons (example Hell Raised Boss 6 difficulty and Darkness War relative bugdensity), scenarios ( for example unreachable chests, map display issues on hotel), Season 1 content (for example Dusty Darks issue with torches and the mission A Time to Every Purpose) and minor things in other content (example the selection bug in the AH, suboptimal UI elements and designs like the anima essence button).
So I to sum it up: How likely can we expect seeing improvements on the base game at a noticeable level compared to developing new content and expanding season 2?


What is the relationship between what is seen in Agent Network missions and the ‘overall story’ of Secret World Legends? Is it parallel? Unconnected? Something else?


Update: Less than 3 days to get your questions in.
BTV moderators will notate questions via Twitch client during stream but there’s no guarantee that they will be answered aside from original list - but we will do our best to get them in.

  1. stock question reminding the devs that we want PROPER PVP

  2. any ETA on the faction missions returning, I miss my Pyramidion

  3. when did they started development on DotM

  4. stock question asking about getting Jeri’s black and white hair back from the Nephilim

  5. are there plans to release smaller content to fill the gap between the “issue” size release like DotM

  6. wing sprint?

  7. how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck has been infected by the Filth?

  8. any chance for a “misc” weapon page that has some general aggro management, like the subversion tree in TSW.

  9. Can Jeri have her agents just be replaced with cats?

  10. FMK KG, Sonnac, Bong Cha

  11. “so…when is the next story update coming out?” :3

  1. Is there any chance for some added functionality to make it easier on accounts with multiple character slots? (IE - being able to mail between characters on the same account)

  2. Any chance of their being more clothing added to the dressing room soon? Even recolours of existing items would be something I think people would like.

  3. Any chance we’ll see any updates to cabal UI functionality? It’s pretty barebones as it is.

  4. In TSW there were a few times there were contests for designing cosmetic items, like the T-Shirts for the Museum, or the Ballistic Veil outfit – Any chance we’ll see a contest like that in the near future? It might be a cheaper way of getting ideas than hiring a Idea Generation Specialist :grin:

  1. Skirt. friendly. sitting. emote…please?
  1. Each zone has its narrative dungeon, except Tokyo. Will we see one or more dungeons in the new zones, or the return of old dungeons adapted?

  2. What is the musical theme at the beginning of the Dawn of the Morninglight trailer?

  3. What gave you the idea to take us to South Africa?

  4. It’s been a few years now that you work for Funcom, what is your best memory (on TSW and SWL)?
    Has anything moved you, surprised you, amused you in the team or in the community?

How does Secret World get promoted outside the already existing community? What is the marketing strategy of funcom for SWL?

Any plans to actually address the terrible value of agent boosters and Hexcoin bags due to character bound status rendering duplicates of supposedly great drops utterly worthless?

How is the 64 bit client progressing?

Will we see either a Guardians of Gaia Event, release of Manufactory A/B, etc. Or will missing museum items be made available soon through other methods?

I can answer the missing museum items…kinda. They are likely to get implemented when the South africa wing comes.

Ok, I may be the only one feeling it’s important but… … Why do the dog pets have phalluses (even the Ghost dogs )and the hyenas don’t have any (or pseudophalluses for the females) ?
I know, it’s a VERY specific question…

I am so very, very delighted that you’ve made Mr. Ruffles available as a permanent elementalism focus! It’s hilarious and great that you’ve added the Droid Arm for swords, too. What are the chances we could get that shovel as a hammer skin? They are very useful!

Mr. Montag tells us so. :wink: :spades:


The Special Agent Oleg Yalbokov’s Dossier cannot be acquired in any other way than the Dawn of the Morninglight Collector’s Edition, which can be purchased only with real-world currency. And the passive support abilities of this Agent–2.5% more Damage and Healing and 650 Attack Rating–make Oleg among the best Agents available. Isn’t this unfair to players since all other Agents can be acquired by some other means from within Secret World Legends, whether it be from completing a mission or spending Marks through the auction house? Would you consider making Oleg’s normal dossier available without the need to spend real money?

Years ago, during Tokyo release there was a lot of speculation what will be the next zone after Tokyo. Most of us thought it will be Congo or Antarctica, but I remember how one of devs - not sure who - hinted us, there would be probably some “smaller” area to visit before we will go to next one. So my question is

Has been South Africa planned as the next area after the Tokyo or have been there any changes of plans?

How much you had to change design of SA due to resources/budget?

I know you don’t like questions about future plans, because all depends on success of current release, but… What are the next plans about SA? We already know there will be at least one more batch of SA quests with some investigation. Will we explore more New Jerusalem and mansion or you plan to show us some “outside” areas (as instanced quest locations)?

Is there any chance to get any SA group content? Lair and/or at least minidungeon similar to Penthouse?

And the last one. I know even if everything would go smoothly Congo would arrive somewhere in 2019, not earlier. Will be this zone bigger than SA? :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to get a checkbox to turn off the lighting effect “bloom”? Pretty please? It likes to eat people in Agartha, or dark places. (I know, I know–WE’RE ALL MADE OF STARS, THE MORNING LIGHT BURNS–but some of us prefer to see the void left after the stars have been eaten!)


Without specifics I’d like to know what plans there are to ensure regular content updates between now and the next major story release.