Beyond the Veil - weekly community podcast


Beyond the Veil is a weekly community talk show/podcast about The Secret World, produced by Holosuite Media. We have launched the podcast as the game went live, back on July 3rd 2012 and have been broadcasting ever since. Our cast and crew have changed since we started, but one thing that stays constant is our dedication to bring you the latest news about the game, week after week.

Everything and anything connected to the game! PvE and PvP. From casual to hardcore players. Good stuff and bad. We pride ourselves on praising the good and providing constructive feedback on areas of the game that players feel could use improvement.

We try to provide our listeners with the most up-to-date information about the game, be it player generated events in game or finding out what the development team has changed in terms of tweaks to abilities and new stuff that hit the Test Live server. Majority of our crew are at end-game, so naturally we talk more from that prospective. However, from time to time we also make a conscientious effort to provide information to completely new players in game giving our little hints and tips that should make their time in the game less frustrating and more enjoyable.

We are also very fortunate to be able to interview different developers of this amazing game and its Community Managers. Time and real life permitting, we also organize various contests and hand out all sorts of prizes and goodies to the participants, from in-game clothing to bonus points and dog tags.

If you have an event that you would like to advertise, please send us an email with the details and we’ll make sure it’s mentioned on the show. Would you like to come on the show and talk more about the event you have planned? Even better! We’d love to have you on the show and talk to you about it. Have a scoop about the game and want to community to know about it? Get in touch!

We do a live show that is broadcast over Twitch every Thursday evening at 7PM EST (4PM PST / 1AM CET). If you are unable to join us for the live weekly show, you can always check out the remastered versions that usually come out a few days later. You can download them from three different providers:

  1. Holosuite Media
  2. iTunes
  3. Sticher Satellite Radio

Twitter: BeyondTSW
Facebook: BeyondTSW



In case you missed it, here’s Rovena’s summary of our chat with Andy Benditt (was actually ep. 253).


Upps, I should have reloaded the twitch page to not have the old title in there :wink:


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Show will be starting in an hour & half (7 PM EST) tonight!
See you all there.


Hello folks!

We will be interviewing Romain Amiel aka Tilty, Secret World Legends’ Game Director on the live podcast recording on April 5th.

For info and to post any question you might have for him, please go to this Forum thread. Thanks!


Show starting soon, eta 20-30 minutes!


Winners of our #FanArtSWL writing contest will be posted in this thread after they are announced on tonight’s live show.

Starting at 7pm EDT on


Looking forward to it^^^
For EU people it’s 1 am CEST.


Heads up Secret Worlders!

We’ve teamed up with Meta-Moth to bring you a little thing called The Golden GRACE Awards.

Tier 1 (the nominations stage) is open right now.

For more detailed information and a link to a nominations/voting form, please click here.



Heads up, we’re postponing @BeyondTSW tonight (7/26/18)- apologies! Check back next week for a special show. Oh and remember - Anniversary Caches are going to be ending soon and exchanged for the original Agarthan Caches!