Chris Meredith's Interview with Beyond the Veil podcast - May 3rd



Oh, oh! Would it be possible to add a checkbox in the visual settings to manually turn bloom on or off, instead of having it tied to a lot of other visual things in the sliders?


What is actually, the status of the 64bits client ?

Not to mention the manufactury that requires a lot of work, will have in the near future, the last 3 elites dungeons and 2 missing raids ?


The 64 bit was asked back in last Tilty interview - IIRC wasn’t much progress due to hiccups and it may not happen.

The dungeon question was answered during today’s Otterdown interview - they’re thinking about it but it’d require a tremendous amount of time and rework still - but their focus for now is working on story content before dungeon content.




Better late than never, so a couple of question for Mr. Meredith. Feel free to fix the language, I am no native english speaker.

  • When can we expect the other faction deck outfits? There are only about a third of them ingame, I really want the others too!

  • Are there new revenue plans in the work, or are they satisfied with the current income from the game?

  • Are there any plans to make more “micro” aurum transactions /conternt? For example minimum cost to finish an agent mission is 25, but there are a couple of cheap skins for like 35.

  • Can they give us any information how big the SWL team is? Followup question, can they confirm that they we (the community) misunderstood the Q1 report saying SWL team will move to a different game?

  • Can they maybe make a contest / community vote on what missing dungeon/content should be the first to port over?

Maybe I find some more bullets to shoot, thx for asking!


Hello Chris!

  1. When will the other PVP zones be added back?

  2. When will the other dungeons be added back?

  3. when will the other Raids be added back?

  4. When can we do scenarios with groups of up to five people
    (Can we have more types of scenarios instead of seek and preserve)

  5. Can we have TAB target turned back on now? (I can use TAB to select defensive targets for healing, so naturally it should be there as an option if we need to chose our own active targets. It’s terribly difficult to select a target when they are grouped together such as Dr. Kleins adds - both on the bridge and last fight when there are two + the Dr, Iscariot, Brutus and Cassius etc as examples)

  6. Can i see you do Hell Raised E5 at the required IP? or make the rage timer the same as it was in TSW

  7. When will “The Holy Trinity” be re-balanced to its former state?

  8. Can we have somebody else work on the “Heads” in game please, last person to work on them didn’t have eyes it seems and they are all frowning monstrosities and somehow, someone forgot to port over all the other heads from TSW in the migration - oh and a reduction in cost to have surgery - 110,000 mofs is an awful lot to pick a less hideous one.


Welcome to your new job :smiley:


Ps “Spiteful Tart” & “Nuclear Mistress” need to be added as achievement titles.


AAAnd i missed coz i thought today was thursday - damn you event!!


Adding link to VOD in patcher.


Heya all,

Remastered version of yesterday’s interview with Nirvelle has already been released. You can download it from Holosuite Media. In a couple of hours it’ll be ready to stream from iTunes and Stitcher as well. The original version can be seen and heard on Twitch.

Thank you to @Nirvelle for taking the time out of his busy schedule and chatting to our community yesterday evening, as well as our amazing community for joining us live and asking questions. You all rock! <3