Where is the the 11am est Stream by Funcom?

13 Minutes late and counting? Where is the Thursday stream Funcom?

Heya, sorry about this. Due to illness in the Oslo office, they’ve canceled the stream. :frowning: https://twitter.com/ConanExiles/status/1098549011177488384


Will they be doing one to make it up to us or simply skip this week? I understand people get sick but at same time there a lot of questions unanswered to this game about up coming patch. Or at least post what they were going to talk about on stream this week?


Get well soon, team. We will catch up with you next time. Thank you for your hard work.


Apparently allot of things got cancel on funcom in 2019 :frowning:

I still think you could’ve rocked it solo! #bringbacknicole

:male_detective: Since @Tascha has already appeared today, I’m going to send a “get well soon” wam virtual hug out to @Jens_Erik!


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