The Next Event Launches In September


I can’t add much about Druids, but each solstice and equinox, Stonehenge is the central point of pagan celebrations. They are also the only times when access to the stones is permitted by English Heritage, which might, in game lore anyway, allow all sorts of undesirables to sneak in and attack the stones.


Coloured disco lights and electronic music performance provides cover story for rising supernatural energy investigations at Stonehenge.


OK, can we also have a “disco defence” scenario? :smiley:

Keep the music playing while filth-infected neighbours try and turn it off because you’re making too much noise


There is a possibility that the ‘event’ could also involve the Nite Team 4 tie-in. The game goes ‘early access’ on the 2nd of October, and those who backed the game should be getting their SWL in-game swag at that time, according to the email I received. Still no word on the SWL tie-in missions that were promised back in the day.


LOL this seems like such a distant memory now. I forgot all about that kickstarter.


I haven’t forgotten about the Kickstarter, but I know that they said the stuff wouldn’t be in SWL until the game launched so I just kept checking every week to see if they had a release date set yet. :sweat_smile:


It would be fantastic to see some ARG activity in SWL again, even if only for vanity items for those Black Watchmen supporters.

Vomher I’ve been waiting to hear about the Druids ever since we saw their badges in the Sunken Library years ago!

download From the dusty, damp vaults of the Sunken Library.

Also just prior to the release of the Defence Scenario video, a SWL Twitter feed made references to the COV, Druids and to Avalon.

‘Avalon’ being connected to Arthurian Legend, notably as the location where the sword Excalibur was forged.
The island’s name is considered a derivation of ‘apple tree’, therefore perhaps giving indication of the species depicted on the COV visitor pass above.

“The island of apples which men call the Fortunate Isle ( Insula Pomorum quae Fortunata uocatur ) gets its name from the fact that it produces all things of itself; the fields there have no need of the ploughs of the farmers and all cultivation is lacking except what nature provides. Of its own accord it produces grain and grapes, and apple trees grow in its woods from the close-clipped grass. The ground of its own accord produces everything instead of merely grass, and people live there a hundred years or more. There nine sisters rule by a pleasing set of laws those who come to them from our country.” - Avalon

Shrouded in mist, mystery and myth, there are numerous proposals for the modern location for Avalon in the British Isles. However, the island of Anglesey off the north coast of Wales, is considered to have been the sacred island of the druids of Britain.

Alternatively, it is possible that the legend of the “apple” island is derived from Celtic mythology of the Otherworld, a supernatural realm where the souls of the dead gather. An intrusion into our world being signalled by phenomena such as the appearance of a magic mist and unusual animals.

The Otherworld is elusive, but during certain times such as Samhain, contact with the Otherworld was more likely. It can be reached by entering ancient burial mounds, these were known as sídhe, bringing to mind the Secret World’s haunted cats of Solomon Island.

Perhaps the development of the Druids as a secret world faction will bring additional relevance to agents Calum MacLeod and Callie James, as well as John Galahad, Ealdwic Park and the missing sword of Dawning of an Endless Night.

And a similar discussion underway on reddit.



This will be in my head for days…


I didn’t forget:


Druids, demons, ghosts… and cats!
Even a simulation needs to be based on facts. Everything is true!

Thanks AndyB.
As the servers are coming down in preparation for the September Event, and this thread has run its course, i’ll leave it with some secret world Stonehenge concept art.

Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Edit: Stonehenge Community Defence Event!



I’m not gonna lie the things your not happy about are exactly what most people complained about most in the old scenarios. But I do agree with the groups mode that would really spice things up in both scenarios.


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