GridStream's Halloween 2018 Brainstorming thread


As some of you may know, I collect ideas every year at GridStream parties for Halloween brainstorming. After two weeks, I curate them into a somewhat ordered list, we put them in some semblance of order, and I put a little more detail into our favorites, with reference images where appropriate. Then I send those off to FC roughly two months before the event, hopefully about the time they’re looking for ideas of new stuff to add. I’ve just started that thread again for this Halloween.

This is the first year I’ve had the option of also putting that list on an official froob-friendly FunCom forum, but unless someone has a real compelling argument, I think I’m going to stick to the way we’ve always done it. On the GSP forums, I don’t have to worry about dividing the list between AO and SWL and the post length and editing and such restrictions are much looser, so I can manage the list better as ideas come in.

If you have an idea you’d like to add to our list, the thread is at

If you’re too lazy to make a GSP forum account to post it, go ahead and tack it on here. I should see it and I can just copy it over.

Once I’ve finalized the list, I’ll see if I can post the whole thing here too. I’m not sure what the post size and image link limits are, but we’ll see.

And yes, you can always just post your own suggestion any time you want, but I find that these threads, especially the discussions of them at parties, bring up a lot more ideas and more of them actually get posted in a big pile FC can more easily find. So let’s hear it. What do you want Old Pumpkin Jack to bring you this year?


I tried to post this to Gridstream, but couldn’t. Some odd glitch or other.
So, here goes:

I know you wanted a Spider-themed mini-dress. I think SWL can do better:

For us dudes, these snazzy suits:

Any questions?


That’s not quite what I meant by spider-themed. Spider web is what I keep suggesting. And didn’t we get the Arache spider-themed outfits last year? I can put the spider dress with creepy legs on the list, but that smart wearable technology is actually too advanced for SWL’s engine. The inability to put additional animated parts on costumes (specifically new joints and bones - adding to the animation rig) is why we can’t have animated filth costumes. That part we’ll have to file under “wishful thinking”.

The bone costumes and the jack-o-lantern tux are definite possibilities, though.


I just found a Spooky Sweat Suit in my inventory that’s basically that skeleton costume already. Totally forgot about that. It says it’s a TSW Exclusive item, though. I guess I’ll change that one to “make this drop again in SWL” unless someone knows somewhere it is available and just not listed correctly?


I know I’ve dropped this in the ‘Feedback and suggestions’ thread but it’s for Halloween so here goes:

Broomstick mount.

Maybe a suitable witchy/wizardy outfit an appropriate pet to go with it in a cache? Like an owl or even a toad? (I know we’re not exactly starved for cats, especially around Halloween.)


How about more gore and blood?


Could you be a little more specific? An overall change in art direction is asking a bit much for a holiday event.

Do you mean decorating Agartha with blood and gore instead of the balloons and streamers from the anniversary? What would it be the blood and gore of? There’s not a whole lot of wildlife in Agartha.

Or do you mean adding more blood and gore to the Halloween version of Deep Agartha? That was already pretty dark and creepy, as I recall. And again, it’s pretty empty there, just us and Jack.

We’ll most likely be getting the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island back. Would those be enough blood and gore? I remember at least some of them being plenty gory already.



first the club upstars in agartha, place some ghost their, waiting for a love they lost, cus they passed away.
place some randome hovering and flying ghost in agartha, they cast a harmels lightning bolt from time to time on a pet or a player, will make creepy sound.

If we run around in ghost form give us a gaki that follows us or did appear evertime in front of us if we dont move, make a creepy sonud, will do nothing is just thier.

Some spider webs would be nice also in arghatha.
If we use jump pods make creepy sound and visual effect, like bats flying away or a grey cloud.

Place the portal to summon jack on the map in KM at the tree, raid will get pulled in and will get ported into deep aghatha, let the floating randome ghost in agartha fly to portal make a sound and a announcement that a portal has opened, maybe a nice deep loud gong, 3 times then portal is open.

give us a mob on the map we can hunt foor goodies a mini jack or Mr. Incocnito
make the fight aginst Mr. Icocnito NM available, placa a shrine their so ppl can enjoy it as party.

let us get hunted by a wraith he pop more uo then bonty hunter and droops nice goody if downed

decorate argatha with blood also, some nice dripping from the ceiling and a pool beneth it, if you walk troug u will make blood foodprints. Also mobs could all get the animation from eternal scourge if they die during event. And it could be nice if we get couvered in blood sometimes. A not cancel abel debuff that will let us be blood couvered.

I considered stuff like that



Okay… I think I understood most of that. This “mop” one, though., what does this mean?

I think you’re asking for little pet versions of Jack O’Lantern and Incognito / Irusan, but the “mop on the map” part?


I think you need to read that “mob”. It’ll become quite clear then.



give us a mob on the map we can hunt for goods
like krampus or INCOCNITO from TSW


Ohhh. Yeah, I read the last half of that wrong, then. I thought mini-Jack and Incognito pets were the goodies. You meant you want them as seasonal special enemies stalking about the regular playfields, dropping seasonal loot bags, I suppose, which then might include a pet chibi version of the same monsters.

We had Kitties of Ulthar in TSW. Not exactly mini-Incognitos, more like were-panthers that randomly appeared when you killed something else. I don’t remember if we had those in SWL last year. I didn’t have much time to hunt for them. TSW also a game of tag, running about Kingsmouth and trying to catch Incognito before he teleported away. Would bringing those back be enough, or should they bring them back a little different?

As for Jack, having miniature versions stalking about everywhere would be just like Anarchy Online’s Halloween event. Just give him a scythe and Jack’s your uncle. He might get in the way of normal play a bit, but if there were just a few of them here and there, like Krampus, it probably wouldn’t be too disruptive. Maybe there should be more of them around pumpkin patches and filth date farms and such? I’m not sure how that fits the lore, though. Jack’s kind of this one mythic baddie who won’t stay down, not a whole race of pumpkinheads. Any ideas how that would work, or do we just ask for monsters and leave the story to the writers?


A Suggestion, ist all an Suggestion.

if no mini jack use something other.
and no we hadnt Kittys of ultar

so Halloween
place ingocnito on map, let us hunt him as Krampus

let us get hunted by a wraith like the bounty hunter but more frequently and on normal map not in lair

something like that

so jezebelle
what about the decoration of argatha you didnt wrote anything about that


The spirits/ghosts could be those of people/animals that have died after being experimented on by the orochi. Using the gateway between spirit world and real world, that is said to appear at halloween, to seek revenge on the orochi. That could tie in some lore with event.


So you just want any special Halloween monster to hunt for, but scattered around all the normal playfields the way Krampus was? Since Jack is probably going to be the Deep Agartha raid and Incognito has his whole storyline and maybe that chase around Kingsmouth, how about something new for the scattered monsters? Maybe even different critters in different areas?

Yeah, I haven’t actually finished the storyline, so I don’t know what “like the bounty hunter” means. I’ve heard of them, but not in much detail. Don’t they show up at random when you spend a while doing regular missions in the regular playfields? So isn’t that already “on normal map not in lair”? I already put this on my list, so I’m not sure what you’re adding by specifying “not in lair”.

I didn’t ask for more clarification on that because it made sense. I put the parts of your post I understood on my list of ideas already. It’s linked in the first post of this thread. I’ll copy your part here if that helps.

And I guess now we’re adding:

  1. [SW] special seasonal monsters to hunt, like minions of Jack or Incognito (mini-Jack with a scythe?), or maybe something new, scattered about the normal playfields like Krampus was.
  2. [SW] bring back the Kitties of Ulthar and chasing Incognito

Does that about cover it? Anything else I misunderstood?

And guardian5, I’ll tack on your idea as a lore note for #32 there.


thank you jezbelle
thats how I imagined it


The bounty hunters Pop up if you are in a dangerous area, that was NM area in TSW and lair.
They had a odd mechanic, the more ppl on map the more likely they showed up.

So if u 10 ppl a lair you have good Odds to get one

but bounty hunters are designed to be a challenge for one Player IP 250…
imagine what happens to a bounty hunter if he Pops up in a lair in the middel of 10 ppl.

most do not realize he was their, they see a blue bag cus one did down him and are happy about 2000 shards, in the old days he droped Signets, blue ones…

thats why I said not in lair, they Need to make the Pop mechanic different, maybe something like every time you down a mob 0,1% Chance to Pop…or stuff like that.


I see. Yeah, that’s too complicated for an event encounter. Something simpler, like the way Kitties of Ulthar worked, would be better. Just finding any mob with a “Haunted” buff and killing it spawned one. Or the Xibalban. Disturbing their remains gave you a mark that caused them to come after you when you kill something else. Those were more zombies than ghosts, but the same idea should work.
Or if they go with guardian5’s idea and make the ghosts resentful spirits of people wronged by the Orochi group, we could find ghosts just by finding a dead Orochi. Or would that be too easy?


I would love to see a grim reaper costume added as a reward for the halloween event.

kindda like that:



I love his design
so sad he is gone