GSP's Halloween 2018 Brainstorming thread

As some of you may know, I collect ideas every year at GridStream parties for Halloween brainstorming. After two weeks, I curate them into a somewhat ordered list, we put them in some semblance of order, and I put a little more detail into our favorites, with reference images where appropriate. Then I send those off to FC roughly two months before the event, hopefully about the time they’re looking for ideas of new stuff to add. I’ve just started that thread again for this Halloween.

This is the first year I’ve had the option of also putting that list on an official froob-friendly FunCom forum, but unless someone has a real compelling argument, I think I’m going to stick to the way we’ve always done it. On the GSP forums, I don’t have to worry about dividing the list between AO and SWL and the post length and editing and such restrictions are much looser, so I can manage the list better as ideas come in.

If you have an idea you’d like to add to our list, the thread is at

If you’re too lazy to make a GSP forum account to post it, go ahead and tack it on here. I should see it and I can just copy it over.

Once I’ve finalized the list, I’ll see if I can post the whole thing here too. I’m not sure what the post size and image link limits are, but we’ll see.

And yes, you can always just post your own suggestion any time you want, but I find that these threads, especially the discussions of them at parties, bring up a lot more ideas and more of them actually get posted in a big pile FC can more easily find. So let’s hear it. What do you want Uncle Pumpkinhead to bring you this year?

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This must be working or you just have amazing patience?

A little of both? I enjoy doing it and it’s been a tradition for a while now, and yeah, it has been successful. Of course, not everything we suggest gets into the game, but there have been some occasions when everything new added in a particular event was something we’d suggested. I mean, that could have been a coincidence. We often have over a hundred Halloween ideas a year, so it’s entirely possible that what they came up with that year just happened to have also been on our lists at one time or another.

I can’t help them have time to make more stuff for us, but I can help gather the ideas that players might otherwise not get around to posting for themselves, so when they do have time, there’s a whole bunch of wild ideas, and maybe even some plausible ones, to get the creative process going. If I had the technical details to design some item or clothing textures to spec, I’d give it a try, but with what I have, this is what I can do.

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Here’s the AO portion of the final list I just sent in. If you’re interested in both AO and SWL, it might be easier to read the combined list at

  1. [AO] the Story of Uncle Pumpkinhead

We’ve found the abandoned facility they contained the original specimen in to experiment on him, but I’m not sure that answered any more questions than it raised.
-Why is there a zombie chicken in there with a doctor’s nametag?
-Where did they actually find the original specimen?
-How is he still trapped in that lab when all the other specimens and monsters doing his bidding are free to roam around?
-What’s the relationship between the herds of Uncles aboveground and the one specimen belowground? Are they clones of him, produced in that lab, that escape once a year to get revenge on the surface? Are they aliens that land on the surface as we pass by the asteroid they come from once a year to try to rescue their captive clone brother? Or is he more than a brother, maybe someone important to their society, like a high priest of the Great Pumpking?
-Is he actually the original immortal Jack O’Lantern brought all the way from Solomon Island on Old Earth? If that’s it, I just don’t want to be the one to tell Ms. Geary.

We still want the rest of the story, even fragments of the story, like readable versions of those books we assembled in the Shadowlands. Logs left behind by the researchers, like the way the story of System Shock was told before the audiolog expansion on the CD version. AO has tradeskill instruction manuals about how to construct nanocrystals and weapons and vehicles and so on, so there’s clearly room for some good chunks of text in book-type items.

  1. [both] kitty ears

SWL has kitty ear headphones and AO has a whole catgirl morph with ears, but neither has a separate kitty ears item that looks like the AO kitty ears, but fit like the bunny ears, as a hat item. Both games finally have bunny ears like that, but not kitty ears.

And of course, once we have that, we’ll want other shapes, like squirrel ears, or various foxes (fennec foxes are the super cute ones with the giant ears), wolves… I guess we already have the leet one.

  1. [AO] a poster from the world tour of Trash King and the Techscavengers

Rubi-Ka’s premier junkyard industrial band. It would have been cool to make a band out of the named droids that are part of his questline, but they’re all bucketheads, so I don’t know how we’d tell which is which on a poster or t-shirt. There should definitely be a Buzzsaw Techscavenger in the band, too, maybe on bass. And a helper/cargo droid on the drums. Maybe Best in Brass with a couple different horns. A Waste Disposer hovering over three keyboards. I imagine they’d sound kinda like Einstürzende Neubauten, but with even more of the chainsaws-on-steel sound, and that’s the vocals.

  1. [both] More variations of torn fishnets, without a toolbelt

Are we holding off on that in SWL until you can find time to make a lingerie / tattoos / piercings layer? I’m just going to keep assuming you want to do that if / when you have the time / resources. Could we maybe get a Halloween outfit with a miniskirt and torn fishnets in the meantime?

And AO could use something like that, too. Maybe something like the Bunny Longs of GridStream Productions or the Entertainer Longs of Tiger Claw, but torn up a little. And maybe it matches a tattered tube top torn from Uncle Pumpkinhead’s haunted rags. A bit of his sleeve would be about right for some of us.

  1. [AO] A leet under a sheet that has way too many holes chewed in it

Like Charlie Brown’s costume, but little. When summoned, it announces its arrival with “i haz a rok?”.

  1. [both] Halloween Bikini

AO could use some variations in Halloween bikinis. There’s been only one for all these years, and now that Uncle’s so easy to find and generous with drops, anyone who’s had time to play at Halloween in the past few years already has it. SWL, on the other hand, has none and could really use one. The same cut as the Midnight Pumpkin should be fine, although I wouldn’t mind something a little different for a change. We really just need something other than the same old orange and black jack-o-lantern print.

-like the Midnight Phantom one I suggest every year - dark purple, the same color as the Mysterious Cloak, with a pale grin that fades in cycles, perhaps cycling from dark purple to lavender. Or if the color cycling is too much work, just a little grin like the one on several of the Halloween t-shirts.

-or a blood red bikini with white fang prints

-or a jet black bikini with white skulls, maybe even changing to different species of skulls when you Use it

  1. [both] bunny and kitty tails

We finally have bunny ears in both games, and thanks for that! There are also kitty ears, sort of (see above), but the only kitty tail is the AO one that’s a full body morph. And the only bunny tail is a SWL bodysuit that some folks either don’t like the cut of the bottom or don’t like the shape of the top. Is there any way both games could get back items for kitty and bunny tails without a whole morph/outfit? Both games have costume wings, which must have an attachment point related to the back. Is there no attachment point relative to the hips?

And if you can figure out a way to do this, we’d also like fox, wolf, leet, demon, and other assorted tail options, even if they’re not articulated.

  1. [AO] make the Abandoned Facility accessible to lowbie / social alts

The level 90 Shades wandering about U-Turn Forest make it very difficult to get lowbies into the new Halloween dungeon. It’s a level-matched instance full of social loot and no XP. Why should social alts have to level up and gear up that much to get their bunny ears? Warping there just isn’t an option everyone has readily available.

A fun and effective way to get lowbies into the facility would be to make the Halloween leets’ Shade morph function as camouflage, so the Shades in U-Turn Forest won’t attack. Then lowbies can just sneak past, as long as they remember to cancel the morph as soon as they’re inside so they can fight again. They’ll also have to avoid the few other threats along the way, like the carnivorous plants and the occasional giant cat, so there’s still some excitement to that trip.

It should work the same as sneaking into the Cyborg barracks with a Cyborg costume or scanning Scorpiods safely by wearing Scorpiod scent.

  1. [both] Angelwitch costume

Wings and horns, silvery toga shredded a bit, glowing eyes and black claws. Lots of juxtaposition.

Like this:

  1. [both] spiderweb bikini or bodysuit or minidress

I’ve been asking for variations of this for years, and any one of them would be great. All the options would be best, of course. The basic idea is a skimpy little number made of black or silver strategically interwoven threads, patterned like a spider web. And by “skimpy” I mean suitable for a 90’s comic book villainess, or a Korean MMO sorceress in endgame “armor”. Barely covering only what’s necessary and only succeeding at that because it’s all glued in place.

I couldn’t find adequate reference images, so I drew some myself and posted them on the GridStream forums.

silver minidress - front view:

silver minidress - back view:

black teddy - front view:

black teddy - back view:

The bikini version would be just like the teddy, minus the middle. Not pictured: matching black pumps that come with a spider ankle tattoo.

  1. [AO] costumes for non-social pets

This one would be more work than most of the ideas here, especially if you made one for each type of combat pet, but it would be pretty fun, if you could make it happen. It doesn’t do anything for the folks who aren’t into pet professions, but then again, some folks just don’t care about social stuff either. These all involve new meshes and textures, but I think you could hang them on the same rigs and use the same old animations.

-Spaghetti Monster morph for MP mezz pets
-flying monkey form for cacodemons
-Frankenstein’s monster costume for bureaucrat androids
-a Giger-style biomechanical texture for gladiator bots
-widowmaker drone chicken costume (the one everyone calls “chickenbot” already)
-toaster head for lowbie engineer cargo droids

  1. [AO] The Ariya poster from outside The Grind, for placing in apartments

  2. [both] disembodied hand pet
    -maybe not a human hand, maybe one that moves more like a Zix

  3. [AO] neon leet raver dolls

  4. [both] RollerLeets
    -a leet in pumpkin armor that can only roll like a rollerrat, so it has rollerrat animation and leet sounds

  5. [both] pet land shark

  6. [AO] jaded middle-aged leets being immune and going “Get lost, I’m not in the mood for any of this” when you attack them - a reference to “Stan against Evil”

  7. [AO] easier to get social version of the red and white Xan lightsabers from Pande, possibly in different colors

  8. [both] scary clown costume, like the clean costume AO already has, but smeared and stained with blood and a creepy clown mask, like the Santa one reskinned

  9. [both] Black and orange jack-o-lantern print tuxedo with lots of different jack-o-lantern faces, not just the same one over and over.

  10. [AO] Statuesque weapons, like tridents and gladius and round shield and bunch of grapes and pitcher, to go with the Statuesque costume

  11. [AO] bee-themed outfits and sorceress and barbarian costumes for everyone who wants to role-play that they just arrived through that Agartha portal that connects to the Grid

  12. [both] Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse costumes and mounts, like the Flaming Nightmare Steed and three more variations of it, with matching Rider costumes/glamours
    -maybe something like a Rift Martyr for War, a Mummy for Famine, Arbeh or a Pestilence Talos for Pestilence, and a Grim Reaper costume (elsewhere on this list separately) for Death (see also: bring back The Rider Cometh)

  13. [AO] bikini, loincloth, teddy, or whatever you want to call a skimpy little outfit made from the haunted rags left behind by one of Uncle Pumpkinhead’s many clones after being cut down by one of his own scythes

  14. [both] bloody, battered gift box decoration with a hand in it that lifts the top and waves once in a while

  15. [AO] pet bronto burger on wheels, like Mr. Wheelie, but with huge monster truck style wheels

  16. [both] giant leet mount with a saddle and stirrups, or a palanquin strapped on like the barleet’s tray, or a “flying” carpet carried by a herd of leets

  17. [AO] placeable decoration versions of some of the holdable prop “weapon” items
    -Uncle Pumpkinhead dolls
    -bottles of Mr. Pointy’s “Not Fake” Blood
    -Bronto Mama Helmet
    -Beacon of the Harvester

  18. [both] A t-shirt that says “I’m Invisible” on it. “S.E.P.” on the back, or in the description, for “Somebody Else’s Problem”
    -And make it a terrible color, so the viewer’s brain just blocks it out in self defense. Like neon pink, cream, and puce green paisley

  19. [both] proper dirndl and lederhosen

  20. [AO] summon a shop terminal pet
    -not animated, not interactive, just following you around. Only useful for confusing people who didn’t know they were a thing
    -bonus points if it stands up on robotic legs to follow you and then settles back down to look like a normal kiosk again

  • [AO] banana costume, fruit of the loom style

  • [both] bra hat like Little Nicky

  • [AO] alternate statuesque pants with a fig leaf

  • [AO] tortoise shell tank armor
    -shaped like a tortoise shell, not just painted like one
    -may turn you into an old perv with an aerobics fetish (Dragonball’s Master Roshi)

  • [AO] Giger-esque costume, like a darker, scarier version of the alien costume, maybe with a long barbed tail instead of the centaur-butt part, with a head like a shiny black version of “Bronto Mama Helmet”

  • [AO] different spider backpacks with the legs sticking out to the sides, to look more like spider costumes

  • [AO] a big black fire damage / smoke stain nanospray to put on your wall with a transparent part in the shape of a ninja
    -like there was someone there and their smoke bomb went horribly wrong - they pressed the wrong button and nuked themselves instead

  • [AO] nanospray of a shadow of a Shade, or a Shadowleet
    -or something else that should be invisible, but for some reason is casting a shadow

  • [AO] pet Leetzilla

  • [both] an expressionless porcelain mask of “William Meyers” or someone equally obviously not famous
    -especially not a Shatner mask like the one preferred by Michael

  • [AO] put Droog costumes on all the tentacle mutants for the duration of the event
    -their gait would be particularly funny in that getup

  • [AO] change the Balloon Pet nano to sometimes summon Infector / Devourer of Life mobs, just during the Halloween event

  • [AO] Mini-Beast pet nano and mini Hecklers that run around flailing and pounding the ground instead of just sitting still or following you around

  • [AO] a wig of cyber-dreadlocks
    -Dreadloch Wig, a Medusa hat of wires to plug into your weapons, scopes, utilities and deflectors for faster, more reliable wired networked targeting and reaction time

Thanks to everyone who participated! Looking forward to seeing what Uncle Pumpkinhead and brings us this year!


p.s.: I know the numbers don’t match the other lists. This forum insists on renumbering the lists and I don’t feel like fighting with it. The numbers don’t really mean anything anyway.


Kriegshammer came up with those, right ?

They’ve been requested for AO since before TSW was a thing. I’m pretty sure he mentioned them at least once, but so have several others. It comes up almost every year. I don’t remember who said it this time. I may have even just thrown it in myself as one of the old usuals that we still don’t have.

This! THIS!