The Secret World Classic

The Secret World Classic still has a community of many players who still support the game. Lots of activity with dungeons and other things. There are also new players starting or players coming back every few days. The only thing that it doesn’t have which it did have is events. It would be nice to have some other activities and halloween is not far away.


I started in classic, purchased a perma-sub.

Been playing Legends for the past week, but I just saw the classic servers are still up?! Downloading/installing as I type this! I can’t help but hope that my characters are still there. Having to start over after maxing one or two characters was harsh, though I’m having fun playing through the game again.

What I can’t help but wonder is why they’re focused on Manbaby the Babyrian. The genre of mmo is just done to death, then dug up, sent to Bernie’s for a weekend or 3, then burned, then dumped in a shoebox and finally cloned to be resurrected for yet another mmo of the same. damn. genre.

TSW is so much more than a game. The lore is amazing and the combat system, while somewhat meh, still leaves room for all kinds of buildplay. If they were to rebuild TSW into Unreal 5.1, give it some ray tracing action, fix the ugly character models (tiny, misshapen hands! omg!), and maybe stroke up the combat a step or two, I really think they’d have the chance to make some major money on it once more.

Hell, I’d even be willing to give up my perma-sub for some sexy high detail Kingsmouth!

If I ever win the Lottery, I’m totally gonna buy the game off Funcom and do this! XD

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