Are old characters from the original game now gone?

I’m a returning player. It’s actually been more than a year since I played the game. Now that it’s “Secret World Legends” does that mean my old characters are gone? I tried to look into my old account information but I only get an email saying “your login name is ******”. I was actually trying retrieve my old password, I knew the login name. Matter of fact I was pretty sure about the password.

Your old character should still be in TSW. However if you wanna play SWL, you are gonna have to make a new one.

Thanks…I didn’t see an option for that. Some time back secret world became secret world legends on my steam account. (I’ll admit I might have initiated that by just clicking without really reading or something). I’ll look into it.

Use your username instead of email for password reset. Otherwise it assumes you forgot your username.

You can no longer play TSW classic through Steam. You’ll have to download the standalone client from your account page at

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Does anyone play the TSW classic? It looks like Legends is essentially the same game only with some new stuff. Granted I’ve only begun to play it but the missions so far have been the same ones from before.

There’s a small group of people who are still dedicated to the old game. You can often find them in the #tsw in-game channel. I believe #noobmares also still runs raids on a regular basis, but don’t quote me on that.

A lot of content from TSW never made it across and probably never will, e.g. three of the elite dungeons, PVP content, decent challenging gameplay, fun…


I logged into TSW earlier to spend some Bonus Points, and I was getting updates that the Dragon was pwning Fusang, so it appears there is still a dedicated cadre of players there.

Or there was one Dragon running around flipping all of Fusang out of boredom. Either’s possible.

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Five elite dungeons you mean?

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You’re correct of course. I don’'t know why I forgot about the Manufactories.

Just as a heads up - the returning players to TSW are growing daily and have been for some time.
If anyone would like to rejoin TSW classic - then follow the instructions on the account page
You will need to download and replace teh TSW LocalConfig file which is provided here also.
After you download the client and unpack it - replace the file before running the client patcher - then you’re good to go.
For anyone who DOES NOT have an account - you can still buy keys to create one.

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