Having issue accessing accessing acount created when purchased The Secret World: Ultimate Edition

hi everyone i need help i seem to have lost char from my account & now only offers now 1 slot all previous chars are gone including all purchased items with funcom points please help i can confirm purchase order on steam invoice: 610611610839533162 check last thing i bought was kilt

OK, all your characters and items still exist in TSW, but this game is not TSW any more. When Secret World Legends was relaunched, they started with totally fresh servers where new players only have 1 character slot. The gameplay mechanics have also changed a fair bit in SWL.

TSW is no longer getting any more story developments (or any development), but if you follow the instructions here then you will be able to download the LocalConfig file to alter your client to play TSW again.

You can transfer your vanity items over to your SWL account, but you will have to start characters from fresh to play SWL, (they’re still in TSW though).


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