Returning after a couple years - Character gone

I took a couple years hiatus and now that I want to come back, my character is gone. Did they do an inactive character wipe at some point?

p.s. I’ve spent over $100 on in-game purchases and I now have nothing to show for it. I want my character back.

Your character is probably still where you left it in The Secret World. When they rebooted to Secret World Legends (SWL), we all had to roll our characters again from fresh. There’s the option to transfer vanity items from TSW to your new character (more information here), or you can still log into TSW if you really want to, but that game’s no longer getting updates. You just need to go to your funcom account page and download the localconfig file from there (I think there’s instructions on the launcher too).

I rolled my new character in SWL and did my vanity transfer. Left the game for a bit after that point. Character’s just gone now.

There’s not been any kind of inactive character wipe, so not sure what happened to your character. You’d probably have to talk to funcom CS about it, as it’d involve sharing your account info, (which you shouldn’t do on the forums).

Hope they get you sorted soon, that sucks!